Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dream and Reality

some of our dreams will never turn into a reality, no matter how hard we tried. it's kinda tough but we got to learn to live with it or forever live in denial.

time to grow up
accept the reality
and move on


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Taiping : a simple but very memorable journey

once in a blue, comes along someone you can get along really well and have the same wavelength Alhamdulillah, i had great pleasure of experiencing the most memorable holiday in my life so far with 3 wonderful person.

Amar, he is someone dear to my heart whom i have befriend with him for more than 10 years. Syukur, it stay strong until now. Cekya, she is like a sister to me whom i share my ups n down with...i know i can count on her. Addy, is a new addition and the youngest among us. Still lots to know about him but so far, i have no complaints.

At first, I was reluctant to bring Amar over to the picnic at Putrajaya...i was scared if he couldn't get along with Addy and Kadok. Then putting aside the negative thoughts, i let him do so. Frankly, i am very glad i did that. He aced.

i can't remember who suggested Taiping trip but i do know these :-
a. i had a very good time and keep playing in my mind over and over again.
b. we can say just practically anything about each other and then laugh about it out loud.
c. we treated every place we visited as if we are at our own living room
d. we are photo-fetish..that explains the thousand over photos that we took.
e. Amar and addy are like old married couple. They fight like nobody business but they still care about each other. Cekya and myself are the mediator. :)
f. wish kadok and as were there too
g. i can do this again and again...

My personal note:-
Amar - i personally don't say this a lot...love you. it feels like old times. thanks for being our supir.
Cekya - there's a lot of things i don't share with others, let alone my sister but with you, i want to tell everything...be the 1st one to know.
Addy - welcome abroad. please be patient with us..we can go crazy in times.

Taiping brings lots of memories, fonder hearts and the experience beyond words. I love them all for making the journey a memorable one..