Wednesday, May 30, 2007


ku anggap dia pemangkin walaupun nun di sana. ceria hari ku. aku tak peduli. jika hanya aku yang punya rasa, tidak dia. juga ingin rasa indahnya. pergilah duka. bawalah sinar pelangi. aku rindu pada bahagia.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

terlalu istimewa

sukar untuk melepaskan. terlalu cinta. menjadikan aku disergah kesunyian yang amat. sakit dada menahan. perlukah begini? tapi sampai bila?

Jike benar sekali pun, layakkah mereka mempersoalkannya? Aku juga manusia seperti mereka. miliki hati dan rasa.

what would your answer be?

This came from a 5 years old girl (anak my boss)

  • Kenapa pampers budak kecil besar tapi pampers orang besar kecil?
  • Rambut abah banyak putih. Apa kata kita panggil yang putih tu rambut and yang hitam itu uban?
  • Kenapa orang dah kahwin ada anak tapi orang yang tak kahwin tak ada anak?

Be creative and tell me ur answers..

*Wtl, Cekya & Ann (Cekya's friend) met up with I_mshe and Nuha semalam kat Impiana. It's good to see I_mshe again. Body still maintain kurus and so adorable.*

**got myself a pair of elle shoes..brown colour. I like!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Persis Mutiara - Mila AF5

Biar kau tunduk bisu
Aku tahu
Gelora hatimu
Engkau mahu
Aku lafazkan rindu

Biar kau hanya diam
Aku selam
Jiwamu terdalam
Perasaan cintamu yang kau pendam

Kata paling terindah
Tak mungkin bisa ucapkan
Hakikat rasa yang ku rasakan

Pabila ku renung ke matamu
Terlihat ku hatimu kasih
Persis mutiara

Sinarmu mendamaikan
Insan yang lelah mengembara

Tak terbilang kesan-kesan luka
Titis hujan airmata
Tenang sebentar pedih semula

Buatku rasa gentar
Membisikkan hasrat hati sebenar
Sekalipun engkau inginku lamar

I didn't really follow AF5 in fact AF yang lain juga but semalam watched the final of AF5..suka dengar Mila nyanyi as well as masa Aizad nyanyi lagu Yesterday. Aznil tak jadi pengacara AF lagi. A tribute him semalam buat wtl rasa sedih pulak. Some yang will replace him, have to do extra work and be original.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Where are my tyres!!!!

For the past few weeks i parked my car at Batu Tiga commuter station. Did not expect anything bad to happened. Last night as usual by 6.30pm i went back. Sampai kat kereta i did not notice anything weird. Got the engine running but somehow the car is not moving either to the front or backwards. Well, something is definitely wrong. Takkan kereta stuck kat mud..mustahil. The day before, i saw kereta kat belakang my car got puncture tyre, on the right hand side depan and belakang. I thot perhaps my tyres pun kena mcm tu. Got out of the car checked my tyres and found out that someone had taken 2 of my tyres..tayar depan and belakang sebelah kiri. Rasa nak menjerit pun ada...dah lah penat.

called my brother, my classmates and my cousins. At first, thought of towing but then my brother sampai, followed by cousins..they letak my spare tyre and my brother's spare tyre and guna aje nat campur-campur since jumpa mine 5 aje.

The car now kat my uncle's place..nak beli tayar and rim kena tunggu gaji next week. So today tak gi kerja since my brother overnite kat his friend's place semalam and balik kerja today terus pergi Kenyir.

Tension giler...memang dia orang dah tak ada kerja lain gamaknya. I won't forgive them!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Aku Bukan Pilihan Hatimu - Ungu

Jika memang diriku
Bukanlah menjadi
Pilihan hatimu
Mungkih sudah takdirnya
Kau dan aku
Takkan mesti bersatu

Haruslah slalu kau tahu
Ku mencintaimu di sepanjang waktuku
Harus slalu kau tahu
Semua abadi untuk selamanya

Karena ku yakin
Cinta dalam hatiku
Hanya milikmu
Sampai akhir hidupku

Karena ku yakin
Di setiap hembus nafasku
Hanya dirimu
Satu yang slalu ku rindu

teringatkan dia...

i will be in SG on the 5th - 10th. will be visiting the brokers and 2 days course. As well as meeting up with Lun, Masyi and Ligo. Can't hardly wait. Should i let him know? masih berkira2..perhaps before boarding the plane.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

to be or not to be...that's the question

I had a chat with this one guy about muta'ah and misyar. He said earlier that dia plan nak find someone for muta'ah. He asked my opinion about it and i said i can't give any opinion without knowing more about it. Based on my reading, muta'ah is haram whilst misyar adalah diharuskan and i think what he meant was misyar. Told him that and said perhaps he should not see it from the surface and seek understanding and knowledge on that before embarking onto it. His simple reply was i don't like theories, if all the ustaz kata harus..siapalah kita nak argue. Duh!! Ni lah namanya nak buat tapi nak tahu in-depth abt it. Later i told him if you really want to do it, then he should at least know what are the other party i.e. the woman rights supaya it won't create any difficulties. His answers really pissed me off.
him : awak ingat Tuhan tak tahu woman rights
me (beristigifar) : Allah Maha Mengetahui..cuma manusia yg tak
him : i tak ragu2 dgn agama i
me : what are trying to imply?
him : you seolah2 ragu dgn agama u
me (dlm hati) : Na'uzubillah

Terus i jadi pissed off..i am just spilling out my opinions, mcm tu pulak jawapannya. terus malas nak layan.

Going to work is such a drag..i rasa my work is so routine and stagnant. Been applying jobs here and there. Still no answers. Ray (the scorer) plan to do his PhD next year. I pun ada intention to do my PhD but nak buat kat oversea. When think about it the easiest way utk dapat sponsorship utk buat PhD is by becoming a lecturer and if i am still in the industry..i am sure if having PhD with change a thing. Ada MBA pun, tak ubah apa2. Some people will say that i am crazy..gila belajar. Macamana nak cakap ya..i love studying walaupun the exams and schoolworks tu memang kadangkala buat tension. Perhaps that explains why i have not really stop studying since my degree days. My previous experience..i boleh tahan 2-4 months aje, lepas tu dah rasa rindu nak study. Ni tak tahulah mcmana.

This is just a plan..but intention nak buat PhD tu memang ada. If tak buat, then i will go for my fellowship. See what my dad have to say about it...from small asyik nak suruh anak2 dia jadi che'gu.

A colleague of mine after reading an email abt Raja Nazrin's future wife send an email to F****, one of the broker i closely work with, teasing him on Zara being her sister because of the surname. To our surprise he replied yes..she is my youngest sister. We laughed as we were only teasing him and did not expect it's true. Anyway, to Raja Dr. Nazrin and Zara Salim Davidson, wish you all the happiness.

Friday, May 04, 2007

it all pays..

Alhamdulillah. The viva presentation went well. I think this is my best presentation through the entire course. After the presentation, one of examiner said to us "this is a very good study". All our efforts and sacrifices now bear the fruits. No major changes need to be done, only some editorial work. Officially, i have completed my MBA and only waiting for the results.

Thanks my dearies for you wishes and doa.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wish me luck..

Tomorrow is my viva. Listening to Lin's story on today session did add extra weight to my nervousness. There are some dissatisfaction..can understand their feelings. Really hope we won't be bombarded with tough questions.

Doakan wtl okay...