Friday, June 22, 2007

mana silapnya?

the other day i saw few people signed card and saw A**r pegang hadiah. asked him, he said hadiah org kahwin. i was a bit puzzled sebab in my knowledge tak ada news ada orang nak kahwin. today i saw hadiah tu at table my officemate yang last day. To kill my curiousity i asked someone card apa yang she signed the other day and she replied the card is for my officemate yang last day tu. A**n dah beli hadiah and she tanya siapa yang nak share. terasa kecil hati sungguh..the others but tak tanya i pun. bukan i kenal then setahun dua. I have know them for 11 years and they did this. dahlah lately ni rasa sangat terasing sangat with their attitude towards me. Am i that bad ke?

I think i need to do something positive to myself. Personal grooming and build up the confident level. Pedulikan mereka.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

It Pay Off

Just dapat my result..ada 2A, 1A minus and 1B. tension betul dapat B for International Business. Walaupun bagaimanapun ku panjatkan teramat sangat syukur kepadaNya. I will be graduating this year will CGPA of 3.54. YEAY!!!! Nak grad. All the hardwork pay off. I am so HAPPY beyond words.

Remember tak, i selalu mention the top student in my class tu. He will be graduating with a CGPA of 3.97. Overall he got 3A plus, 9A and 1A minus. How to challenge that? One thing i can say he is gifted.

Thanks to all my classmate for your support and friendship. I LOVE YOU ALL and CONGRATS.

Monday, June 18, 2007


aku. dia. mereka. semakin jarak. terasa asing. aku dengan duniaku, dia dan mereka dengan dunianya. sesekala bermain di fikiran mungkin ada silapku hingga terjadinya ini. seharusnya aku tidak perlu peduli kerana dia sememangnya tidak. tapi aku tidak mampu kerana itu aku. syukur aku ada kamu yang berikan pelangi.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

where the h*** are you?

my brother is nowhere in sight. geramlah ni. Since yesterday i have been packing all the stuff. Lupa nak mention..i am moving to a new place esok. things ada lagi yg tak pack. My room ada stuffs yang belum pack. tadi kemas kitchen and the third room yang full of stuff. Tak tahu cukup tak the pun dah more than 15 boxes, big and small. By 9 tomorrow lorry nak datang and only the three of us yang akan angkat all the stuffs.. me, brother and the lorry driver. Am hoping that my brother akan tolong me kemas. dah sms, sampai sekarang tak nampak batabg hidung. penat ni. the boxes tak susun lagi, sampah belum masuk dalam plastic hitam and buang. Sabar jelah.

Ni tengah rehat kejap.

Lupa nak mention..we had a good time kat swensens today. Topic of the day "wtl and stolen car tyres". Awan and Cekmi brought their friends, Khairil and Azrai.
Lun - i have bagi your gift tu pada everybody except MamaEmmy cannot make it as she is in Kuantan.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

way back home

i am the Changi Airport, on my way back home. Met Ligo and Masyi...sadly i did not meet Lun. Last minute change of plan..

will tell you all about it. My foot is killing me..