Monday, November 17, 2014

MBC Redah Penang - Day 1 - Part1

Wow, my last update was in 2012. How long ago is that? Sorry dear blog for not updating, guess I was too carried away with FB (excuses, excuses..hehehe).

Lets blog about my MBC Redah Penang recently.

It all started when Moji put up an announcement inviting those interested to join his trip to Penang. Frankly, initially I was having a bit of inferiority complex and contemplating as to whether I should go or not. Then i said to myself - 'just do it, take risk and go with the flow. This is not your first time meeting with strangers.'

When I told few of my friends that I was going for a Penang  trip with bunch of strangers, they were in awe. Sometimes you just have be bold.

On Friday 31st October 2014, I went to Puduraya and try to find Ruangan Menunggu A.  I tell you, Puduraya lot so different from the last time I was there. Manage to find the meet up point at the end.  After  twice entering and exiting the meet up point I decided to ask a group of ladies if they are heading for Penang.  The first person I met, Zyra who replied to my question. Then I get to know  Jie and Asri who were kind enough to invite me to have dinner with them. Thereafter, there were exchanges of handshakes and names. But frankly, I lost track of their names shortly after bad.

Few minutes to 12am, Moji arrived with tickets in hand and well as the Hashtee we ordered. After sorting out the tickets and shirts to its owner. Took our first group photos and we boarded the bus. Lets the journey start!


I tell you, it has been ages since I last took an express bus. The bus stopped few times because of some problem with the air-conditioning. I sat next to Aila in the bus...a sweet sailor.

Around 5ish am we reach the bus station. Had our breakfast before to the bus station.

After filling our stomach with packed 'nasi lemak', we headed to the bus station waiting for those on board of different bus.

 Linda and Liena took a different bus. Met us in Penang.

 UIA students

 Miah...smiling at someone?

'Satu utk kau, satu utk aku'
Moji informed that us that Zila and Nani who are supposed to me us at the bus station somehow ended up in Sg. Petani. Luckily, Hafna came to rescue and bring them here.
Penang Island here we come....MBC ferry ride.

the girls feeling excited  

 Moji and Nani (all the way from Sg Petani...hehehe)
 Zyra 'GoPro' with Dan &, caught in camera
 Say cheese....and cover your mouth.

After half an hour, we reached the island. Need to wait for few more who missed the first ferry trip.

 Guys Talk
 Girls talk
 Students Talk
Us Talking

Ezwan and his phone

Walking to 'our house' of 2 days

To be continued...