Thursday, February 26, 2009

the best is out there

I am honored knowing there is someone who actually notice my capabilities when people in my own department keep a blind eyes and would rather employ outsider than develop the talent within the organization. Had he offered to take me in his department much earlier i wouldn’t be looking for another job and gladly accepted his offer. The opportunity learning from one of the best can be quite tempting. Almost change my mind about leaving but wouldn’t be fair to my future boss because i have promised to join him and he is willing to buy out my two months notice. Another thing at back of my mind was whether can he really pull the string in getting me in when my own department is also shorthanded and the decision is in the hand of the CEO. Say if he does, the environment is still status quo, i will still feel like the low caste employee like what i am feeling now and there is no guarantee that it will change…not for any time soon.

Having a confused mind, i sought to istikharah, seeking guidance from Allah to make the choice of my future. I woke the next morning with a firm decision and did all that need to be done. I am still being bombarded with questions,even today, by my colleague who would be very happy if i joined her department as to what are my decision and trying to convince me why i should take the offer. Later on the evening, received a phone call from the future employer informing my medical check-up went well and they need my joining date for them to issue the offer letter.

I can foresee ‘interesting days’ ahead of me with lots of questions, answers and reasoning to be made to the decision i made.

As so far what i can say is “Alhamdulillah, it all went well”. Allahu Akbar.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Show me the light

About a year ago, a friend told me about a job in Dubai but things weren’t so certain at that point of time whether it’s going to materialize. I then joined the present company..which won’t be long before I tender my resignation (please pray it all go well). I had second thoughts before I handed over my application to my ex-boss. I did ask if the Dubai thingy is definite, still can’t give me solid answer. I had to find another job soon or I will go cuckoo. I’d rather leave than not appreciated.

Just when I am about to go for my employment medical check-up, I was told that the Dubai thingy is on. She wanted my resume, saying the director is looking for his right man and she have me in mind. I gave my word to my ex-boss that I will join them and at the same time I really want the opportunity of working abroad.

Oh dear…I am so in the dilemma!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

breeze your way

A year ago i had a crush on someone. Yesterday, after keeping it for a while, my good friend broke the news..she is going settle down. With him.

It’s hard for her to let the words out..i know.i am shocked still but what really matters are for both of them to have a blissful marriage.

should i be sad or be glad?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cakap Memang Senang

My bro is getting married in June and my family have decided untuk upah a cook in order to save the cost. My aunties and uncles disagreed with the idea and prefer catering with reasons tak ada orang nak tolong with the preparation. Konon area my house tu org susah nak datang tolong. Takkanlah duduk berpuluh tahun tak ada org nak datang tolong bila kenduri kahwin. They gave all sorts of reasons. Instead thinking of the ways to smoothen the process, they gave all the negative thoughts and bombarded my mom with it. Damn!!

Really pissed off and sedih. Bukanlah nak mengungkit, when their daughters/sons got married, i really helped them out but bila my bro mcm2 much for families!!

Perhaps Cekya is right after all.

the doctor has confirmed my fears...sugar in blood quite high. 12.50. Sigh!!!
new lifestyle now...

Monday, February 02, 2009

Oh let me shut my eyes, close out

Something is missing and i just hate the feeling.

Alfatihah for my auntie, Achik Eton. She passed away last Friday.