Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cakap Memang Senang

My bro is getting married in June and my family have decided untuk upah a cook in order to save the cost. My aunties and uncles disagreed with the idea and prefer catering with reasons tak ada orang nak tolong with the preparation. Konon area my house tu org susah nak datang tolong. Takkanlah duduk berpuluh tahun tak ada org nak datang tolong bila kenduri kahwin. They gave all sorts of reasons. Instead thinking of the ways to smoothen the process, they gave all the negative thoughts and bombarded my mom with it. Damn!!

Really pissed off and sedih. Bukanlah nak mengungkit, when their daughters/sons got married, i really helped them out but bila my bro mcm2 much for families!!

Perhaps Cekya is right after all.

the doctor has confirmed my fears...sugar in blood quite high. 12.50. Sigh!!!
new lifestyle now...


I_mshe said...

yati.. gitulah kalau kerja kahwin... byk opinions at the end of the day yang tukang bayar decide thats what matters..

u better get serious on taking care of yourself girl. Jangan main2x lagi!

nazkha said...

sabar jer kak..