Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Be strong, Be patient

I saw her online today and said to myself 'she is on leave I suppose'. I dropped a few lines saying hi and asked her how is life is treating her. She replied by saying not feeling that well. Later I asked her about ibuk. She just asked me to read her blog. This must be something big. True enough..the cat got my tongue. I can understand how it feels like. It is news that any daughters/sons wouldn't want to hear. She and her family had been through a lot lately. I pray that things will be better for her and her family. She is one really nice lady and she deserve the best in life.

My dearest strong for her and take good care of yourself. My prayers will be with you. I am here if you need someone to talk to. Love you girl.

The lrt putra had a track problem yesterday and had to be operated manually. It took us..myself, Cekya and Marissa (my colleague) almost 2 hours to reach KLCC. The train stopped about 15-20 minutes each station. It was really packed and hot. Standing all the way from Kelana Jaya to KLCC was not something enjoyable feet hurts. Can't imagine those with high heels. I know Cekya couldn't wait to get out of the train. She was practically trying hard to prevent herself from vomiting due to someone's body odor. I saw one lady rubbing her nose and later pull her shirt's collar to her nose. The odor must be so strong…yucks.

I have been planning for a second reunion to be held in Melaka. I have appointed a few people to help with the preparation since they are there. It is quite frustrating because it is not progressing as I hope. They have not come back with the updates on the location and price. Linda and I feel somewhat disappointed. She is going back this weekend and plan to check with the hotels there. I am still locating some of our friends and making phone calls on the reunion. Come on guys..both of us can't be doing all. Help us out!!!

HIM - "The most devastating thing happened to me…"

Monday, July 14, 2008

memories of old days

I did post the entry earlier and removed. I decided to post the entry....


am bored being me…bored with my work, my day to day routine. Need something new, colourful and exciting.

Weeks ago, I was toying with phone when I suddenly saw his old left me speechless and sad. Brought back the memories and it still lingers. How I wish things will be different. No matter how bad I want to turn back the is not impossible. He is still in my heart and mind. Whenever I think of him I will try hard not to be sad or far I managed to do that. Not sure for how long tho…

"you have done so much for me. syg You have suffered enough. I tak tahu mcmana nak balas budi you. You have brought joy and love in my life, I will not forget that. All I can afford is a word of thanks. Let the love rest with me syg."

"if you love me, doa for me. All I need now is your prayers. Buat bekalan nanti"

I haven't hear any news from him..not sure if he is still around. My prayers is with him. How i love him so and my heart still ache

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tea Talk...The Reunion

Mini Reunion

It was great to see each other after 20 years. We hugged each other and become the noisiest crowd there. Most of us did not changed that much...can be recognised easily. We talked about our schooldays..a bunch of naughty students we were. I am sure our teachers will be proud of us..these naughty students are now doing well in life. We were loud until the chef came and greeted us. He was impressed when we said this is our first meet up after 20-23 years. Friends from UK, Kedah, Melaka texted me asking about the reunion and how they misses us.

13 of us came that day. Chom was first to arrive and checked in the hotel. When i reached the lobby, Anealka was already there. Both of us when to the restaurant and waited for the others. Linda, Emi and Faiz make it there minutes after that, followed by Derk, Suzilla, Fizah, Chom and Blur. Derk told us that Zura can't make it because she was sick. Pity her..she really looking forward to attend the reunion. We helped ourselves with the food while waiting for Roy. Another round of hugging when she arrived. One of us called Atiqah, persuaded her to come which she did later. Roha called me from her office wanting to join as her hubby will be a bit late...

Only 13 of us but we were loud especially when it comes to taking pictures...i can't imagine how it would be like if all 98 of us are together.

It was fun...really really fun and i miss my girlfriends already.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

After 20-23 years....

This saturday is going to be great...and i am all excited.

Linda, Emi and I were having our regular meet-up, when we decided to call one of our schoolmate. She suggested that we should meet up on that week but Linda and I can't make it. So we plan to meet her this week. Since we are meeting her, i smsed few of my other friends in KL/Selangor informing them about the meet-up. Then i started to get names of others who are in KL/ well as those in Malacca and other states. The hunt begins and the name list getting even longer than what i had expected..this is so, so overwhelming. I didn't know many of my schoolmates are here. So, this two weeks i have been collecting numbers and calling my schoolmates..

With them around here, i have planned for a mini reunion this saturday..from only 6 people, i now have 17 people confirming their attendance. Hoping to get more mobile numbers and attendees. Some of those i haven't seen for 20-23 years. Few of them will be coming all the way from Malacca. I guess this is a kickstart before a grand reunion in the near future.

Everybody seems very excited...i am too. loving it.

Lun...i am also having reunion like you. :) Miss u too girl!!!