Friday, November 16, 2007

New Direction

there are so much to tell but i am somewhat lazy these days to blog about it. been a lazy bum i just posted song lyrics in my past 2 entries.

My brother, Anuar got engaged on 3rd raya. I got to know about it when on last day of Ramadhan. It was a very simple engagement ceremony since his fiancee's dad just past away 2nd week of Ramadhan in his sleep. Alfatihah.

Remember the SCL thingy..i submitted the letter on Thursdays, first week after raya. The day before i got a call from someone asking me if am i still interested to join them but for a lower post. Was quite surprised because earlier she said there will an opening only in January. I guess this is my rezeki. Without hesitation i said yes. Went for the interview on the arranged date and the next day she called me up and said i got the job. Alhamdulillah. I was so happy and smiling the whole day through. One morning my immediate superior called and asked me if i heard of anyone leaving the company. OMG..did she actually know? I mentioned one of my colleague's name and avoiding to let her know as i have not get my letter of offer. She later called Maddy seeking for confirmation. Only our bosses did not know that i was leaving but he did smsed from Bali wanting to know who else will be leaving and they did not tell him. Surprise..surprise.

The D-day finally arrived. the convocation went well. with smiles all over our faces. we didn't thought that we made it. many of us planned to quit, myself without exclusion. to my surprise one even went to the office to sent the form with the intention to quit but unfortunately the office was closed. he have no other choice but to continue with the second semester. had he managed to sent the form, we wouldn't see having a big smile on the convocation day. When we first started there we about 37 of us in the class but only 14 managed to complete on time and graduated. To all my beloved classmates..WE MADE IT THROUGH GUYS. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I tendered a 3 months notice of resignation effective today after signing the offer letter yesterday. Am i happy? I definitely am but at the same time feeling kind of sad knowing that i will be leaving friends that i have known for the past 7 years..friends that i become close with. i shall miss them but i guess i need to think of my future nevertheless.

Monday, November 12, 2007

untuk dia

untuk si dia yang aku kenal
cinta dan sayang aku padanya tidak akan
pernah padam...buatlah aku tersenyum
dengan bahagiakan dirimu
pejamkan mata aku pasti di sisi

kogi - 9 september

Thursday, November 08, 2007

kerana dia bukan kamu

Pejamkan Matamu - OST 9 September

kupejamkan mata
kau hadir di sisi
ku hulurkan tangan kau sambut dengan kasih
tenangkanlah hatimu
agar bisaku senyum

Pejamkanlah matamu jika rindukan wajahku
ku pejamkan mata..kau hadir disisi
bisik mesra darimu menyemai kasihku..
bahagiakan dirimu..agar bisaku senyum

pejamkanlah matamu
kupasti di sisi
untuk dikau kasih ku curahkan cinta suci
yang tak mungkin terpadam
akan terus membara

bahagiakan dirimu
agar bisaku tersenyum

pejamkanlah matamu
jika rindukan wajahku
janji ku kepadamu aku pasti di sisi

Sukar utk digambarkan perasaan aku di penghujung filem 9 September..mungkin tidak menjangka sebegitu 'ending'nya. Yang pasti ia mengundang rasa sebak yang teramat sangat dan wtl tidak mampu langsung menahan airmata menderu jatuh. Until i had to calm myself down. Pasti orang yg melepasi kami perasan mata and hidung wtl yang merah kerana menangis.
Tiada lagi rasa malu..aku berhak atas apa yang aku rasa. Thanks Cekya for the understanding. terlalu sukar menafikan apa yang wtl rasa..terlalu sukar

"because he is not you"