Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Uneasy Feelings.

The visit the doctor's office this morning leave me with an uneasy feelings until now. The urine test showed a 56L/mg reading on urine albumin. Then normal reading should be below 21 L/mg. It means some problem with the kidney. Even though according to the doctor the leakage is only 2%, it still worries me. Instantly, i pictured my mom and what she been through all these years and it scared me to the bones. Tried very hard to contain my tears in front of the doctor. Perhaps what i am feeling is only 1% of those who been told that they have terminal illness and have few months to live. Nevertheless, it was enough to make me shivered and it has somehow affected my mood.

He then prescribed with hypertension pills to prevent more leakage. According to the doctor, the hypertension pills have dual function and one of it is to prevent the leakage from becoming worse. But first, I have to do blood profile in order determine the dosage for me which i will only start after my traveling.

This is a wake up call for me to change my lifestyle. I need to start exercising, control my glucose level, do more reading, see a dietitian etc.. I hope i have a very strong willpower to do all this.

Thanks my dear friends for all your support and advices. Please pray for me.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

here i belong...

After using wordpress for few months..i think, i prefer using blogspot. It is much more easy.

I haven't blog for quite sometime. Did i miss it? Frankly, i did not...but i miss my blogsahabat. Not only that i did not update my blog, i also did not update myself with my blogsahabat latest news.

I met Richa in person, at last. Pretty lil girl. Went to Kadok's place with Cekya and Addy (whom i also met for the first time). Enough said, we had a good day and planning for a picnic after this.

Till next time, take care.