Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If I Enjoy It..Yes

i need a lunch partner. I guess i will be eating alone until the new girl report for duty..i am in lun's shoes now. Apart form this, it has been a bliss.

I have to wake up much more earlier than before so that i will have the parking space at the lrt station and take train to work. As usual, the train is jammed pack with all the commuters with ur butt against others and can smell the smell especially after work..let's call it after work cologne. One which i don't understand why didn't they provided more coaches during peak hours to alleviate the overcrowding trains. And sometimes during your lucky day you can hear the train personnel say.."masuk dalam, masuk dalam". How can we go in when we can't even freaking move. sigh!!

And on the way to the office, passing by the KLCC park, watching people jog and looking at the scenery, the craziness in the train seems to fade away as i take a deep breath enjoying all of it. It's like i am living the moment.

Monday, February 18, 2008

First Day On Board of...

Today is my first day with the new company and i am writing this from the new's too early to say. From what i have gathereed, they have been waiting for me to come as there are lots of things need to be done. So far it has been good. Went for an appointment with the client just now. Tomorrow there will be a lunch appointment with another client. I already have 41 emails in my inbox with the first one dated 13/12/07..while i was still with the previous company. Training for the client next week, a visit from a broker ( a familiar face).
Looking for a new beginning..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sempurna...di matamu

It's good to be back. I will tell about the trip in the next entry.

Andra & The Backbone - Sempurna

kau begitu sempurna
di mataku kau begitu indah
kau membuat diriku
akan selalu memujamu

di setiap langkahku
ku kan selalu memikirkan dirimu
tak bisa ku bayangkan
hidupku tanpa cintamu

* janganlah kau tinggalkan diriku
takkan mampu menghadapi semua
hanya bersamamu ku akan bisa

kau adalah darahku
kau adalah jantungku
kau adalah hidupku
lengkapi diriku
oh sayangku kau begitu
sempurna, sempurna

kau genggam tanganku
saat diriku lemah dan terjatuh
kau bisikkan kata
dan hapus semua sesalku

**thanks for the song, love it**

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Awan Putih

For a good friend and such a sweet person..

On Your Birthday
by: Unknown

May your spirit keep the freedom
of a butterfly in spring
and your heart be filled always
with the joys of simple things.
May your essence claim the freshness
of the new laid morning dew.
All of this...and more...
is my Birthday wish for you.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Bid Farewell..

Salam and Hello everyone,

It's always hard to say goodbye. I shan’t say goodbye but I’ll say see you around instead.

Sadly, after over 6 glorious years in this company, today's my last day at LR. It is with mixed emotions that I send this email. As some of you know, I have accepted a position at another company. It was not an easy decision to make because I truly enjoy working with all of you here at LR. There are so many people to name, I just don't know where to start. Thanks so much to everyone who made it worthwhile: the time we shared, for making work fun and the word, "family" a reality, for sharing the knowledge, for support, insights and help I gained over these 6 years, and most important the bond of friendship, making my stay such a wonderful journey.

To Fac Dept, keep up the good work. As to II and MZ, you guys are the best and doubt will ever find bosses as great as both of you anywhere. Thanks for everything.

Please do keep in touch, I can be reached at my personal email address or mobile,

Thanks again for everything. I wish you plenty of smiles, blue skies and fluffy white clouds-now and always.

It's hard to believe it's time to go
Leave this way of life, spread our wings and grow
Say goodbye to those friends that we hold dear to our hearts
Shedding tears for we'll be so far apart
Remembering all the good times and even the bad
Including the fights we sometimes had
Through the tears and the pain
Friendship was our gain
We stuck together through sunshine and rain, laughs and shouts
We found out what true friends were all about
So as our senior year comes to an end
We'll carry in our hearts our special friends
And take with us all the memories that were made

**going to office still tomorrow**

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Been busy with work. I plan to get the Fac Database be ready before i leave. i have done necessary and now waiting for my colleague in Bahrain to do add in what is required of the database to meet our requirement. I am hoping him to revert by Monday in order for me to brief all the other staff and kick it off. Now i am not sure if i can get it done before or on my last day of work. People says work will be less once you have tendered your resignation especially the last few weeks. I beg to differ...i am still doing the officework. My boss have even told me to check the bordereaux prepared by colleague this monday. With the database thingy on my mind i feel my work are unsettle. Going to have a divisional lunch tomorrow..basically a farewell lunch for me.

Emotionally, it sucks . Just i am feeling sad and had to confess i was feeling kind of lonely. You never hear me saying it before and it's the truth. i sound so pathetic. Had a good chat with my sis on the way back to Malacca. We never been close, let alone to share our stories. That night we shared our little stories. I am glad that she can think wisely now, mature and have all her senses. She said few things that made me wondered about something...sigh!!

Whatever it is..i am off to Bandung and Jakarta this Thursday.