Sunday, February 03, 2008


Been busy with work. I plan to get the Fac Database be ready before i leave. i have done necessary and now waiting for my colleague in Bahrain to do add in what is required of the database to meet our requirement. I am hoping him to revert by Monday in order for me to brief all the other staff and kick it off. Now i am not sure if i can get it done before or on my last day of work. People says work will be less once you have tendered your resignation especially the last few weeks. I beg to differ...i am still doing the officework. My boss have even told me to check the bordereaux prepared by colleague this monday. With the database thingy on my mind i feel my work are unsettle. Going to have a divisional lunch tomorrow..basically a farewell lunch for me.

Emotionally, it sucks . Just i am feeling sad and had to confess i was feeling kind of lonely. You never hear me saying it before and it's the truth. i sound so pathetic. Had a good chat with my sis on the way back to Malacca. We never been close, let alone to share our stories. That night we shared our little stories. I am glad that she can think wisely now, mature and have all her senses. She said few things that made me wondered about something...sigh!!

Whatever it is..i am off to Bandung and Jakarta this Thursday.

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lunacy said...

ceh!! rambling abt work lah.. lonely lah tau tau jer bid gd bye nak gi Bandung .. i jugak i dok menatap blog hehehe.. ok gurl! hv fun k, gi spa jgn lupa.. *muack*