Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chequer'd with woven shadows as I lay

Another 15 days and i will saying adieus, ta-ta, bye to my friends and the office. There is nothing much to be done in the office. I have handed over my portfolio of to Mekna effective 1st Jan. and transfered some of the knowledge to her...what she needs to know and what needs to be done. It is impossible to learn what i have known for the past 3/4 years in a month. I guess she will learn more and grab the knowledge along the way like i did. I will be guiding her while i am here, no doubt about it. Still got work to do, a little bit here and there... kind of lazy and only see to it when i feel in the mood to do so..how bad of me. And knowing the fact i will be surfing the net most of the time whilst the other are occupied, make me feel quite guilty... It also instill laziness in me of going to work every morning. Some say that i shouldn't bother doing the works and enjoy the moments.

Last week my boss asked if i have packed my things. Told him that i have not..well, the matter of fact i did empty my workplace drawers. Lots of junk papers..what do you expect after more than 6 years been here, seating at the same workplace. I have packed my things in two A4 boxes and are still here. I need empty this workstation by next week. Bringing back all the books and notes. A few more boxes, desktops i bought form the office. This means more stuff in the storeroom (like i have one). I have also notified all the clients, local and overseas that i will be leaving the company. I thought of doing it 3 or 2 days before i leave but my dearest boss asked me to inform them last week. Can't help it but to think "boss aku ni tak sabar ke nak aku blah..hari tu tanya if dah pack my things and now suruh inform all the client". I guess i have to think that he is doing it in a good faith.

Cekya and me met up with Rudy (Kurekuresakti) and Zuril (Langit Malam). Though Rudy and i have been ym'ing each other occasionally since he was in Japan, we never actually meet up with each other until last Friday. Met him at Starbucks KL Sentral, had a chit chat and he need to go off early as he had another appointment in Shah Alam. Such an ambitious guy and i wish him all the best in his business.

At last i met the person behind Langit Malam, a sweet shy lady she is. Had our lunch at Pizza Hut. Sorry dear, we didn't know that you don't eat pizza, should have told us earlier. We will remember it the next time around. Catched "Tatkala Bulan Mengambang", a black and white movie..not to bad. Headed home after that...not quite yet. Feeling like having something soupy and hot, hoping that it will help to resolve my uncomfortable stomach due to late breakfast and lunch the day before as i was really hooked up with trimming the small lawn in front of my house. Cekya suggested Uncle's Lim Chicken Porridge with Soya Cincau. As a porridge lover, it sounded so nice. Even more tempting when she said the egg inside the porridge need to be stirred whilst the porridge is still hot. Ohh...this is so mouthwatering. That was what i had...plus with soy sauce and pepper. Soya cincau too!!

Alhamdulillah, Lin is safely back from performing hajj. Good to see her. Yes, without a doubt, i do miss her. She has been my good friend since for past 2 years. Got to know her the day i went for the MBA admission interview and later got to know that our office is only a few blocks away. Even more so now that our house is only 5 minutes from each other. I pray that she will also will succeed in finding herself a new job..in KLCC area i hope.

Got an appointment with the neurologist consultant at DSH tomorrow.

Glass Rainbow

Come over to my house to play
When the birds won't sing and the skies are gray
Give me your hands and lend me your soul
Then bead me a string of glass rainbows

How pretty are the little lights
Shining through the glass stained bright,

Like so many butterflies
Dashing, flashing through the sky

Lisa G. Leming


cekya said...

bubur tu mmg best ah. marvelesssss!!!!

lunacy said...

wtl, ur check-up ok?

I_mshe said...

whats up gal? how r u? been missing you