Wednesday, January 09, 2008

P.S. I Love You.

Just finished reading the book. It really made me cry..from the first few pages up until the end. Am i overly sensitive? The movie has been released in December 2007 but yet to be here. Waiting eagerly.

One of my many fav excerpt of the book...

"Holly sighed. 'Every time someone asked me that question, Sharon, I say, 'I am fine, thank you,' but to be honest i am not. Do people really want to know how you feel when they ask, How are you?'? Or are they just trying to be polite? Holly smiled. The next time the woman across my house says to me, 'How are you?" I'm going to say to her; well, actually i'm not very well at all, thank you. I'm feeling a bit depressed and lonely. Pissed off at the world. Envious of you and at your little perfect family but not particularly envious of your husband at having to live with you. And then, i'll tell her about how i started a new job and met lots of new people and how i am trying hard to pick myself up but i'm now at a loss about what else to do. Then i'll tell her how it pisses me off when everyone says that time is a healer when at the same time they also say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, which really confuses me, because that means the longer he is gone the more i want him. I'll tell her that nothing is healing at all and that every morning i wake up in my empty bed it feels like salt is being rubbed into those unhealing wounds.' Holly took a deep breath. "And then i'll tell her about how much i missed my husband and about how worthless my life seems without him. How uninterested i am getting in getting on with things without him and i'll explain that how i feel like i am just waiting for my world to end so that i can join him. She'll probably say, "Oh that's good, like she always does, kiss her husband goodbye, hop into her car and drop her kids to school, go to work, make the dinner and got to bed with her husband and she will done it all while I'm still trying to decide what colour shirt to wear to work. What do you think?' Holly finally finished and turned to Sharon.'
Cecelia Ahern

People can be very fake sometimes, just a matter of asking and answering while some other just don't really understand or not trying to understand. What do you think?


lunacy said...

sometimes telling the truth is troublesome. imagine someone in the lift asking 'how are u?' wud u say the truth or stick to the normal answer..hahaha

so wtl, how are u dahling??

walkthrulife said...

not too bad lun..not too bad

Anonymous said...

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cyberdad said...

i guess it is the 'adat bersosial' to ask 'how are you' kinda question.

Whether they mean it or not, it's a personal choice.

Salam maal hijrah, wtl

walkthrulife said...

perhaps u are right CD. Congrats on ur new addition to the family..

cekmi said...

im always pissed off when asking my students "how are you," and they would say "fine". i mean, are you really fine? tell me honestly dear students. of course they wont tell.

but on the other hand, it makes them shudder most of the time when I answer "not fine" to their how-are-you question.

i guess im just too bitter.

jimi said...

there is one friend of mine, who always ask me that question " how are you" more than one.

how r you, jimi?

then, i said. "im fine"

really, how r you again?

mulalah Jimi berkata, well, my life lately has bee chaos.

barulah nak mula open up.

i think betul lah cakap kak lun. tapi, they are some people who really cares, bukan?

Count Byron said...

Dear Walky
Thanks for coming by. I love your page, very neat and warm.
Fake pleasantries are great way to perk up one's own spirit. Sometimes one has to fake happiness and sadness too to get himself into the mood.
Other times, one has to fake happiness just to bring cheer to the a friend.
May your life be full of happiness dear Ms Walky.

Zawi said...

Have a heart, the fonts are too small for an old man like me too read. I would like to read more but I cant bear the pain.

Lis Jambu Phewiit said...

Love, ni buku apa namanya? "P.S I love you" ke?

walkthrulife said...

cekmi - letting ur lecturer know what u are feeling, is always a no no to most students.

jimi - it is kinda annoying right, when they did not believe that you really mean that you are okay.

Count - it is an honour to have you dropping by. I guess u have a point there..

Zawi - sorry sir it my blog give you some trouble reading..

Miss Ever Jambu Lis - yes the title is P.S. I Love You. wanna garb a copy?