Friday, March 30, 2007

only that for so much effort?

had a meeting on kena tambah 2 new KPIs i.e. number of contract rework ( utk kira error lah juga ) and number of errors ( reports ). Rasa macam mmg nak cari silap je. why did i say that? weightage utk risk assessment and number of risk processed is only 2% but utk rework 20% weightage. same goes utk reporting...all my efforts utk buat report cuma diberi 3% weightage but for number of errors 10%. And this two KPIs are only for executive level and assistant manager. Should i even be motivated to look for a new job?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What is Your Best Feature on You??

What is Your Best Feature on You??PICS

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Monday, March 26, 2007

welcome little one

I_mshe..congrats atas kelahiran Nuha Alia. U take care and moga cepat sihat. Jangan lupa post her pic and minum air gamat.

Monday, March 19, 2007

i am scared..

went to see the ENT specialist today. This is my 2nd appointment with him. He told me of something that me feel kinda scared. During the first meeting, he took some sample of the infection in my ear and sent it to the lab. Tadi lepas he did the suction kat dalam telinga, he told me that the lab dah run the test of the bacteria and it seems that the bacteria is so strong. The bacteria is resistance to all the antibiotics they tested except for one..yg itu is through injection. I saw a long list of the antibiotics..all coded with R (i saw 2 pages of the list). He did not want to give me the guess is that antibiotic might be the strongest one. I am going to see him again this friday, to remove the cotton i have inside my ears. Due to mastoic cavity as a result from the mastoidectomy operation i underwent in 1999, the specialist had to put 3 strip of cotton instead of the normal of only one.

i am scared...any suggestion on how to increase the immune system?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

a different life

falling in love with this song..

lately going to work it not something i look forward to. not that i don't like the job, i's just that i don't feel the challenge anymore. i feel i am doing a mundane day-to-day work. This most probably because i have been doing the same old job for the past 6 years. i crave for more now. did my MBA do that to me? wanting to explore new things, face new challenges. I want to speak to my boss about it but haven't had the chance to do so. At the same time, i am trying my luck for something totally new...

In contrast with work, this final semester has been the busiest semester of all..barely had time for myself and the lecturer treated us as if we are doing the programme fulltime. So much of work until we feel there so little air to breathe. Every group are required to present 3 chapters of the book...we are practically the lecturer. She just listened, interrupted once in a while and expected us to know the chapter in our fingertips. GIRLS, watch out!!! She will find ways to get you one way or another. worries, you are the lucky ones. She do things the PhD way...aiyok!!! The one who suffers is US. Alhamdulillah, this saturday is the last class..exam day.

In a month or two i will complete my Masters program. It has been a wonderful experience and also a bumpy road as well. I shall miss my classmates, miss the weekend classes, the night discussion and everything related to it. God knows. I am thinking what shall i do next, PhD? I might..but not in this near future.

My Dearest Classmates ( Aya, Shaari, Zell, Zam, Iz, Ismar, Ray, Lan, Abg Zack, Abg Rusly, Abg Mie, Acid, Sham, Mahani, Rizal, Abg Yunos, Shazirul, Suriani, Abd Radzwill, Kak Yan, Zura, Raslan)~ it has been a wonderful 2 years of my life and definitely will treasure those moments. Love you guys.

it's 1.20am and i just reached home from u**m. tomorrow the same thing, work & went to u**m. preparation for the exam. applied for leave this friday, hopefully it will be approved.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007



pm : a) i feel like shit
b) i suspected something but how to know for real? { nothing related to (i) }
c) if it is true...and then i will be sad (bukan the kind of lovey dovey punya sad, okay)
d) if it is true...moga dia jumpa jalan pulang.