Thursday, March 15, 2007

a different life

falling in love with this song..

lately going to work it not something i look forward to. not that i don't like the job, i's just that i don't feel the challenge anymore. i feel i am doing a mundane day-to-day work. This most probably because i have been doing the same old job for the past 6 years. i crave for more now. did my MBA do that to me? wanting to explore new things, face new challenges. I want to speak to my boss about it but haven't had the chance to do so. At the same time, i am trying my luck for something totally new...

In contrast with work, this final semester has been the busiest semester of all..barely had time for myself and the lecturer treated us as if we are doing the programme fulltime. So much of work until we feel there so little air to breathe. Every group are required to present 3 chapters of the book...we are practically the lecturer. She just listened, interrupted once in a while and expected us to know the chapter in our fingertips. GIRLS, watch out!!! She will find ways to get you one way or another. worries, you are the lucky ones. She do things the PhD way...aiyok!!! The one who suffers is US. Alhamdulillah, this saturday is the last class..exam day.

In a month or two i will complete my Masters program. It has been a wonderful experience and also a bumpy road as well. I shall miss my classmates, miss the weekend classes, the night discussion and everything related to it. God knows. I am thinking what shall i do next, PhD? I might..but not in this near future.

My Dearest Classmates ( Aya, Shaari, Zell, Zam, Iz, Ismar, Ray, Lan, Abg Zack, Abg Rusly, Abg Mie, Acid, Sham, Mahani, Rizal, Abg Yunos, Shazirul, Suriani, Abd Radzwill, Kak Yan, Zura, Raslan)~ it has been a wonderful 2 years of my life and definitely will treasure those moments. Love you guys.

it's 1.20am and i just reached home from u**m. tomorrow the same thing, work & went to u**m. preparation for the exam. applied for leave this friday, hopefully it will be approved.


lunacy said...

gud luck darling. best of luck ya. Just remember its all WORTH_IT!!

sushi said...


mamat nie reminds me of anuar zain.. younger version. His diction is pretty good. CUte pulak tu.. Love is unconventional clean look.

Go for it girl! You deserve the best!

cekmi said...

bestnya wtl dah nak abis belajar. congrat! doa kan cekmi jugak ye. i want to see myself at the convocation ceremony this august receiving my master's degree scroll. like you! insyaallah.

walkthrulife said...

thanks you guys..

it is worth it lun..really.

kan betul cekya...suara dia ada sikit macam anuar zain. do u agree with me i_mshe.

kita sama2 doa okay, too this nov, i suppose.

sushi said...

with the rite songs he is going 2b big as AZ. i love his clean look.