Tuesday, December 26, 2006


  • What you don’t know can’t hurt you, unless it’s an open manhole just ahead.
  • There is no place like home, though next door’s quite similar.
  • People who live in glass houses should buy curtains.
  • Curiosity killed the cat. At least, the dog said so but he doesn’t have an alibi!
  • Revenge is sweet – so does it rot your teeth?
  • Laughter is the best medicine, except when treating asthmatics.
  • Bad news travels fast but bad smells tend to linger.
  • It’s no use crying over spilt milk, your tears just add to the mess.
  • All roads lead to Rome, which is annoying if you were just going to the shops.
  • Ignorance is bliss so you must be ecstatic!
  • He who hesitates is… erm… uh… y’know… ooh… um… er… thing… er…
  • "Don't try this at home" is a polite way of saying, "THIS IS A STUPID THING TO DO."
Get this from Beano.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

One Day In Your Life - MJ

When i heard this song...i have a name in my mind and this goes to him. Eventhough things have changed, you are still someone special to me.

One day in your life
You’ll remember a place
Someone touching your face
You’ll come back and you’ll look around, you’ll . . .

One day in your life
You’ll remember the love you found here
You’ll remember me somehow

Though you don’t need me now

I will stay in your heart
And when things fall apart
You’ll remember one day . . .

One day in your life
When you find that you’re always waiting
For a love we used to share

Just call my name, and I’ll be there

You’ll remember me somehow

Though you don’t need me now

I will stay in your heart

And when things fall apart

You’ll remember one day . . .

One day in your life

When you find that you’re always lonely
For a love we used to share
Just call my name, and I’ll be there

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

dia yang dulu


hati sayu..

any particular reason?

ermm..ntahlah. tiba-tiba rasa macam tu.

pelik juga..org rasa sayu mesti bersebab..

kenapa perlu berubah?


dia, dia, dia dan semua

pantai pun berubah..kenalah terima that people changed

dia ini buat i rasa that i don't matter anymore, dia itu buat me rasa down and imperfect.
aku mahu yang dulu.

u know it is impossible..

why can't just hate them...

u know why, u are not that type of person.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

our story...

Lots had happened. Want to blog tapi kemalasan melanda. Met up with Cekmi and Cekya. Had our dinner dekat Secret's Recipe. It was fun and meeting up with blogsahabats never failed to make laugh. always look forward to see them.

My boss dapat invitation untuk saksikan the lauching ofMeasat 3 and she can extend the invitation to one person. She asked me if i want to go. Belum lagi kata ya..tapi showed interest. Will have to be at KLCC Convention Centre by 6am or 6.30am at most. Still thinking should i drive or should i take the lrt..which reminds me that i need to check when is the earliest train.

This week, infact for the whole of December, memang sibuk kat office. Renewal seasons and also lunch appointments will the clients. Next week pun ada few lunches. There goes my diet. hihihi. Talking about lunch appointment...last friday i had a lunch appointment at a Japanese Restaurant in Kompleks Antarabangsa. On my way out, i bumped into someone..someone that i had not meet for quite sometime. We looked at each other without saying a word or a smile. Maybe dia pun terkejut like me. Lagipun we never exchanged a single word pun dulu. i had a crush on him..memang suka tengok him. I guess he pun perasan kot that i like him..mana taknya if he passed by me while waiting for the commuter, my housemate akan cepat-cepat kata "kak, abang yang akak suka tu lalu". malu. i liked him so much that one day i saw him balik kerja and took my viewcam untuk tape him. i am not a stalker..trust me. unfortunately, the viewcam kena curi when someone broke into our place. anyway, it was sure nice to bump into him. put a smile at my face. shared this with cekya.

on the same day, tengok cerita CINTA with Amar, Awin and Kak Liza. ada few scenes yang made cried..and off course masa lagu anuar zain. really sebak.

ku mengerti perpisahan ini
bukan kerana kau membenci
tapi kasih yang pernah ku beri
tiada lagi bersama

sering kala aku terlihatkan mu
impian nan indah julang bahagia
ku harungi hari demi hari
bersama wajah tak mungkin akan kembali

tapi hati masih tak terima
ditinggalkan sengsara

keraguan ini bukanlah padamu
perasaan hati masih rindu
kekalutan ini hanyalah untukku
tercari-cari bayanganmu

tak sanggup aku kehilangan
aduh...i felt the hurt, the sadness. the storyline was simple, an everyday life event but yet it still mampu menyentuh hati. as long as we are human being, those stories are our stories. we relate ourselves to any of those 5 stories or one of those 10 peoples. i am sure. there are some nice quotes in the movies. want to see it again. the soundtrack definitely..a must have thing.

semalam stayed indoor..too lazy and tired to go out. spring cleaning my room. rearranged the bed and dressing table. i like the new arrangement..more space. nampak mcm the room tu besar. today, pagi2 Lin called and we decided nak pergi tengok movie. nak ajak Lin tengok CINTA but Cathay Cineplex tak show CINTA. So daripada tengok Cicakman baik tengok Dejavu. Nice movie..action movie. ada ala2 travel through time gitu. Val Kilmer is the nice guy this time..he is with the FBI. He gained weight, pipi pun dah chubby.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

something i learn..

Just discover the photo editing techniques using Picasa. Still learning and am planning to beli cd photoshop. now can boleh actively ambik gambar and update my fotopages every now and then.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

better service....

waited for KTM commuter for almost 30 minutes yesterday. they should by now know the trend and when is the peak hours. parked my car at shah alam commuter station after when to lodge a report to tnb. yes guys, the power supply overloaded again, and this time, my remote ceiling fan, streamyx modem and light bulb became the victim. tension banget..washing machine pun belum berbetul lagi and now this.

back to the commuter's story, one thing that i really don't understand dari dulu sampai sekarang is the attitude of Malaysian yang tak sabar-sabar nak board the train sampai tak bagi way for those who nak keluar. just couldn't understand. i should have parked my car at kelana jaya and took the lrt. you guys must be wondering why i didn't drive to work. since fasting month i don't have any parking space as new parking operator took over and priority given to the tenant of the building. the parking fees increased from rm150 to rm251. i ended up parking at the open space for rm11 per day 9 which i have to leave the car key, if i am late ) or in the office basement parking at rm20 per day. tak tahan.. dengan tol and minyak lagi, boleh bankrupt den.

so last week i decided to commute using public transport..like before. park my car at lrt kelana jaya. take the lrt to bangsar and then rapidkl bus to the office. never mind the hardship..at least boleh save sikit.

cekya in london, awan just came back from sg, cekmi went to pd with his students, i_mshe and lun at home..bestnya. me stuck at the office, not allowed to take leave in december and need to submit my Applied Business Research's proposal by 27th to MBA coordinator. am still struggling with it with no proper guidelines. they should have listed nama-nama lecturer for each area of study. taklah terkial-kial nak cari sebab we all ni bukannya semua former uitm student. also bagilah contoh the proposal that we need to submit. i had to call the fulltime student untuk tahu the format. nak cari organization and get their approval lagi. we are part time yang don't have that time luxury macam full time student. hope i can finish my proposal before 27th.

lun - comel betul kimi tu.
i_mshe - how are you gurl? miss talking to you.
cekya - have fun in london and lotsa & lotsa pictures.
azell - sorry didn't make it to your open house..proposal tak siap.
cekmi - can't wait your posting on pd trip. nanti kita arrange picnic okay.
awan - love tompi..great voice and nice songs.
tatot - senyap je?
emmy - everything okay gurl?

eagerly waiting for this movie - Cinta. dah plan nak tengok dgn amar and awin. also nak tengok the Red Kebaya

till then..bye

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

being single

most friends are happily married with kids or without, some goes separate ways and a few lost their loved ones. When i think of this..i never fail to wonder what the future will brings for me. how will i spend my old days? alone in an old folks home or with my loved ones? the question remains unanswered and i feel so alone. don't get me wrong, i like being single. i can go anywhere i want without having to answer to anybody. i can do what i feel like doing without having any hesitation. on the other hand, there is something missing. A person i can call my other half, my companion and my best friend. Someone i can turn to at any time..a shoulder to cry on, someone who can put away my difficulties with a smile and a laugh that brightens my way.

Often enough we heard people said i love being single, i hate commitment and the like. i bet there will be times when they will feel what i am feeling now. Perhaps what they said is only a cover up. who knows.sigh!!

wish of my heart that i will meet my other half...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Black Clouds

the rain is pouring heavily outside and i am now stuck in the office. i do not dare to drive in this kind of weather. Need to change my glasses...my astigmatism has increased. Did not notice that the condition is getting bad until the 1st raya. It was raining like cats and dogs on the eve of 1st raya. Was at my grandad's place since morning ,so i decided to go back to my parents' place after the maghrib's prayer. I can't see the road clearly because of the rain and was blinded by the carlights from the opposite direction. I missed the first left turn, and the second and third alternative route just because i couldn't see all the left junctions to my parents' house. It was so dark to me. I ended up driving another 300 meters, made a right turn to a shoplots area and exit to the opposite direction and home sweet home. sigh.

i bet some places are flooded...Shah Alam without exclusion. Zam called telling me to go back before it is roads are flooded and i told her that i can't drive in this kind of weather. Just have to wait. perhaps by that time, the rain has stop and traffic has ease a little bit. From the glass window, i can see it is still heavily raining.

I am on now semester break so
i have more time for myself. nevertheless, it doesn't mean that i can simply enjoy the time luxury. I need to sumbit my ABP proposal by this November 27th and still thinking of the topic , am a little clueless. As told by Cekya, i had my QMT final exam last sunday. It was supposed to be a 3 hours exam and finish at 12.00pm. The lecturer came late, we started around 9.30am and should end by 12.00am but by 12.00pm, we were told to stop typing or writing. When we asked for time extension and our request were brushed away. I did not manage to complete my answers and so was the rest of my classmates.Off course we wouldn't as the time shortened by 30 minutes. Arghhhhhh. Zel told him the exam is supposed to finish at 12.30pm and he just said nothing. One thing i am not satisfied is that he should have told earlier that we just need to answer the questions using Words without the results. This will saved us a lot of time from having to cut and paste the results generated by the QMT software to Words. Also not to mentioned the time we take to adjust the alignment, to add tables and all. He told us that we just need to put the answers and the generated results in one folder and that we don't need to paste the results in Words.

Friday, November 03, 2006


it's almost 1.30am and i just got back from uitm. had some discussion. QMT final exam this sunday..still lost my way. tak tahulah macamana nak jawab the exam. yang pasti these 3 days i will be spending my time kat uitm. sebenarnya memang takut..tak terkata. individual and group assignment kena hantar this sunday juga. nak nangis rasanya. doakan wtl ya kawan-kawan.

Dearest Lun - congrats on ur new born baby boy.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Kenangan Terindah

Buat dirimu di sana. Adakah ini bermakna aku sudah bisa melepaskan mu pergi walaupun sayang itu masih ada di hati?

Aku yang lemah tanpamu
Aku yang rentan karena
Cinta yang tlah hilang darimu
Yang mampu menyanjungku

Selama mata terbuka
Sampai jantung tak berdetak
Selama itu pun
Aku mampu tuk mengenangmu

Kutemukan hidupku

Kau lah cinta sejati


Bila yang tertulis untukku
Adalah yang terbaik untukmu
Kan kujadikan kau kenangan
Yang terindah dalam hidupku
Namun takkan mudah bagiku
Meninggalkan jejak hidupku
Yang tlah terukir abadi
Sebagai kenangan yang terindah


Tuesday, October 10, 2006


These few days, bila malam aje sakit kepala. Tak tahu kenapa. I am still having selsema..dah almost 2 weeks. Haze is one of the sebab and also keadaan office yang sejuk sangat.

This saturday, need to hand in QMT assignments and the take home test. Tak tahu nak buat..this the toughest subject for me so far. And i tak tahu how to do it. My classmates pun been asking around siapa yang dah siap. Never in my life, from the beginning of class sampai the end i tak faham apa...this week is the last class. Last Sunday, ada midterm, took me and most of my classmate almost half an hour trying to answer the questions. Feel really lost.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

So Very Rude

last tuesday, when i wanted to do my laundry, i noticed that my washing machine couldn't be swtiched on. just bought the washing machine in may..takkan cepat dah rosak. then i realised that my astro decoder pun tak ada power at all. weird. The next day, i went to ask about lin's pc kat adik yg jaga cc. he told me a few pcs kat cc rosak sebab pencawang tnb rosak and few of the college students punya notebook meletup.
That explained why the washing machine and astro tak boleh pakai. he also told me tnb guy came and took reports on the damages. la..tak tahu pun.

so i decided to call tnb careline 15454. A guy picked up the call and gave me TNB Bangsar phone number and asked me to call the 'perkhidmatan pengguna'. Called the number on friday but no one answered the call. Yesterday i tried calling that number again. A girl answered the call, without i even finished explaining, she hung up the phone. I tried calling the second time and the same girl answered,before i can even finished saying 'boleh saya bercakap dgn perkhidmatan pengguna or pelanggan, she for the second time hung up on me. Due to the need to report, i called the number..yes again, for the third time. This time, without even i could say anything..she just hung up. How rude is that. I still have the patience in me...bulan puasa katakan. Dengan sisa kesabaran, i called again. This time, another lady answered the call, she asked me to call 15454. Told her i have already called the number and the guy gave me this number. She later gave me TNB Shah Alam number to call and report. Called but no one answered, so i called TNB Bangsar again. I asked her if there is other number, sempatlah juga kata 'your careline gave me this number and you asked me to call that number balik. i have been calling this number 3 kali and the girl that answered the calls hung up on me. Mungkin lepas dengar i said that she tried to help me.

The TNB website, don't help much...plus 15454 careline sepatutnya ada unit that ambil report for bahagian tuntutan or CRO. get the needed details from the customer, process it internally and sent it to the respective branch or unit. Not forgeting the RUDE TNB worker yg hung up on me 3 times...tak ada manners langsung, pergilah kelas that teach telephone etiquette. sorrylah biah..tapi that girl memang overboard. geram betul.


Talking about rudeness, this guy memang very rude. dahlah ambil hak cekya tanpa bagi credit to her, masih have the nerve to use vulgar words marah cekya. dia ingat dia duduk scotland tu, dia boleh berlagaklah. this is the type of people i call 'melayu mudah lupa'. susah sangat agaknya nak bagi credit kat orang. his ego is bruised, tu yang marah sangat...tapi suit him right sebab dahlah tak mintak permission tu satu, tak even give credit to cekya. i pun geram kat dia.

p/s :- still having very bad cough and sore throat.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


this morning when i woke, certain parts of my body ache...rasa nak baring ajer. masa jawab exam pun rasa sakit. now dah okay sikit. am having sore throat and a mild cough. Baby semakin naughty sekarang...this time ajer dia tak kacau me using the laptop, if not dia pun sama sibuk nak menaip. :)Macam hilang idea nak bercerita...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jangan Lepaskan AKu

Dirimu takut
Terjadi yang kau elak
Andai kelak
Kau tak bisa melepaskan aku
dari sanubarimu
Kau cuba lupa cintamu

Bersama kekuatan yang ada
Ke depan aku mara
Pertahankan yang ku mahu
Walau tidak bagimu
Agar satu hari dirimu mengerti
Kasih ku setulus, sepenuh hati
Lalu hadir kasihmu sekali lagi

Jangan lepaskan aku
Hatiku hanya milikmu
Tiada dua, tiada tiga
Hanya dirimu sahaja
Walaupun seketika cuma
Aku sudah cukup bahagia

P/S : Bagaimana aku harus menyakinkan dia kasihku seikhlas hati, ingin susah dan senang bersama. Berilah kesempatan itu.

Selamat Berpuasa untuk semua.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

What Hurts The Most

i can take the rain on the roof of this empty house
that don’t bother me
i can take a few tears now and then and just let them out
i’m not afraid to cry every once in a while
even though going on with you gone still upsets me
there are days every now and again i pretend i’m ok
but that’s not what gets me

what hurts the most
was being so close
and having so much to say
and watching you walk away
and never knowing
what could have been
and not seeing that loving you
is what i was tryin’ to do

it’s hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere i go
but i’m doin’ it
it’s hard to force that smile when i see our old friends and i’m alone
still harder
getting up, getting dressed, livin’ with this regret
but i know if i could do it over
i would trade give away all the words that i saved in my heart
that i left unspoken

what hurts the most
is being so close
and having so much to say
and watching you walk away
and never knowing
what could have been
and not seeing that loving you
is what i was trying to do

what hurts the most
is being so close
and having so much to say
and watching you walk away
and never knowing
what could have been
and not seeing that loving you
is what i was trying to do

not seeing that loving you
that’s what i was trying to do

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hari Ini, Esok Dan Seterusnya

hari ini dadaku bergetar
terguncang memilu dan mengerang
ku yakin ku tak salah
karna hatiku tak pernah dan takkan berdusta

cinta cinta cinta
aku jatuh cinta

esoknya ku pikir rasa itu
akan menghilang dengan seiring waktu
namun ternyata tak berubah
aku makin tergiur pada dirimu

cinta cinta cinta
aku jatuh cinta

dan seterusnya rasa ini selalu terjadi
dan tak pernah berkurang
hatiku hanya untuk dirimu
aku bahagia hanya bila kamu bahagia

esoknya ku pikir rasa itu
akan menghilang dengan seiring waktu
namun ternyata tak berubah
aku makin tergiur pada dirimu

cinta cinta cinta
aku jatuh cinta

dan seterusnya rasa ini selalu terjadi
dan tak pernah berkurang
hatiku hanya untuk dirimu
aku bahagia hanya bila kamu bahagia

dan seterusnya rasa ini selalu terjadi
dan tak pernah berkurang
hatiku hanya untuk dirimu
aku bahagia hanya bila kamu bahagia

p/s :
cekmi ~ thanks for the cd. love all the songs...this is one of my favourite apart from My Heart and Sampai Menutup Mata been listening to it. Am planning to watch the movie.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Anticipation of Baby..nervous vs excitement

i am feeling nervous and excited at the same time. i got my OPM presentation tomorrow...a group presentation. Apart from the lecturer evaluation, i will also be appraised my classmates. It is not so much about the evaluation but more afraid of being bombarded with questions from the lecturer and one particular person of the floor. Need to read the report over and over again..if i can't answer 100 percent right at least 85-90 percent correct. Last week, we started on a new subject , Managerial Decision Analysism (QMT). I did not attend the 1st class as my cousin wedding was on the same day. I read the handout and only able understand 5 percent of what i read.It was like reading without absorbing anything. Those who attended the class find it hard to understand, what more me who did not attend the class. My fellow classmate called it Quantitative Memang Teruk = QMT. What even worse, i just got to know from Aya last wednesday that we need to submit the first assignment on sunday...somehow my name was not in the mailing list and i did not get any of their emails. No one is able to do it yet..that is bad. Called a fellow colleague in HQ asking about QMT. He told me he did not understand a thing and decision tree is the most simpliest topic in QMT. Ouch. Even the simpliest one i can't understand, i wonder about the other topics.

Baby. She been given that name and that is the name i will be calling her. She is the new girl in town. The one i have been waiting for 4 months. I have been counting the days when i will meet her for the first time.
it is just around the corner and i am waiting eagerly. Am so excited. Going to meet her this sunday. My Baby..my persian cat.

Me, Cekya, Cekmi, Tatot and Awan (hopefully ) will be meeting each other at Kampung Baru today. Cekmi...u will be our target as always. The topic of the day Cik Norkiah..Nokia.

Monday, September 11, 2006

sweet surprise

last nite i received unexpected sms. was caught by surprise. I sent sms to a friend few minutes before and i thought it was his reply. when i saw his name appearing, i was a bit stunned. he really knocked my socks off. i paused for a while absent-mindedly and looked back at the phone if i had read it wrongly. NO!!! i did not.

was happy and astonished at the same time. i haven't heard from him for such a long time. i did smsed him occassionally, but there were no reply. I even seek I_mshe's assistance to call his mobile which she did (thanks dear). Feeling dispaired, i ceased to sms him or call. Often enough i will be wondering about him and his condition. there are also times when i missed him so. we exchanged few sms until i wished him good nite. Alhamdulillah. It's great to know that he is not giving up.

Until now i still could not believe that he sms'ed me. i am in his thoughts after all. i pray it will not only be smses, that
he will call me one day. I can just hope and pray, rite? What can't i feel the love i have for him? Does that means that i have now let it go? or it is still there just a matter of pulling a trigger to get it activated? or Allah is telling me that i am now ready to move on? i don't know. what i do know now is that i am happy with this sweet surprise and i longed to hear from him again. i miss him.

dearest..thanks. eventhough the smses were simple, it meant a lot to me.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

can you wait?

am supposed to update on the Karambunai trip and pictures..later okay guess, kinda busy.

New Home

My blogsahabats have been complaining having difficulty visiting to my blog. Not only them, i am also have problem viewing my blog. For that reason, i now move here. Not mentioning the ever-ready-templates that are made available.

I am in a process of transfering all my previous postings here..it will take a while.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006


aku perlu bersabar dan perlu mengakui hakikat yang dia bukan lagi dia yang dulu. sebaiknya aku bertindak seperti cekya dan juga seperti rakan i_mshe. semudah itukah? jika itu yang terbaik untukku harus ku teruskan jua. persetankan persahabatan jika ia hanya mampu melukakan hati. terlalu emotional kah aku?

aku ada kalian semua..yang mampu membuatku tersenyum di kala duka. sudah cukup untukku.

Sahabat datang dan pergi, kadang mengkhianati
Begitu pun rasa cinta, kadang mengecewakan
Kita punya harga diri, kadang terpendam di hati
Kita punya hati nurani, kadang tertimbun mati!!!

Ku tertawa walau hati kecewa
Ya kupaksa untuk tetap tertawa!!!
Ku bernyanyi walau hati menangis
Ya kucoba untuk terus bernyanyi!!!

Walau kau ikat tanganku, walau kau bungkam mulutku
Walau kau jegal langkahku, percuma!!!
Walau kau tutup mataku, walau kau kurung tubuhku
Tapi semua mimpi-mimpiku kan tetap ada!!!
Kita coba betulkan jalan kita bersama
Coba kita mencari jalan keluar
Jangan kau tunggu orang lain, jangan biarkan bangsa lain
Mencoba menekan hidup kita, bikin malu saja!!!

Ku tertawa walau hati kecewa
Ya kupaksa untuk tetap tertawa!!!
Ku bernyanyi walau hati menangis
Ya kucoba untuk terus bernyanyi!!!

Banyak orang curiga, ku bicara nggak ada yang percaya
Banyak orang menuduh bahkan anggapku gila!!!
Ku tertawa lebih keras, ku bernyanyi lebih lantang
Karena semua langkah dan mimpiku kan semakin gila!!!
Ku tertawa walau hati kecewa...
Ku bernyanyi walau hati menangis...
Ku tertawa walau hati kecewa
Ya kupaksa untuk tetap tertawa!!!

Ku bernyanyi walau hati menangis
Ya kucoba untuk terus bernyanyi!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

back in kl

Happy Birthday Cekmi
Thanks for the giving me the opportunity to be one of the crew. Because of that i got to know the blogsahabats that have  such a wonderful people to me and has helped me a lot in my journey..that includes u too.

Guys..will tell you abt the trip in my next posting. Just reached home and visit all my blogsahabats' blog. Miss you guys.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Lun - Happy Belated Birthday, Cekmi - Happy Birthday In Advance

last friday there was a karaoke session. he told almost everyone about it excluding me. he invited other people to join him but did not say a word to me about it. does it wrong to be courteous? whether i am going or not it is a different issue altogether. And today, he asked my colleagues if they to follow him to PBD during lunch. he even asked Awin (are we still best friend? she-sure-don't-act-like-one) whom he rarely talked to until recently but did not say a word to me. His actions really hurt my feelings and made me cried. am i being too emotional?  maybe because i don't make such a hoo-haa, so he can just say or do what he likes. Cekya said that i should forget about the friendship. Kind of hard to do when you have been friends for over 10 years. What should i do? Shall i take it easy, go with the flow and let him do what he feels is rite or shall i go my own way as what Cekya said? am confused. am thankful i have my blogsahabats..really am. you are the bestest friend.

on a brighter note, am going to fly off to KK tomorrow. We are having the company outing in Karambunai. i'll take photos for you guys. Jgn jelaous okay.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Pluto is no longer a planet...

What??? Yes...scientists from the International Astronomical Union (IAU) meeting in Prague has came to a decision that Pluto is a dwarf planet and was stripped of its status as a planet on Thursday.

Read here


Thursday, August 24, 2006

the meet-up part 2

me and i_mshe went for lunch at sushi king last tuesday. tell you..we ate until our stomach begged us to stop. still craving for sushi. yummy. Next destination, Petaling Street. I_mshe was happy to get the things she wanted for a cheaper price.

Event : Dinner
Venue  : Foodcourt, KLCC
Attendance : Myself, Cekmi, Awan, Cekya, I_mshe, Tatot, Azell
Absentees : Emmy, Zuhri, Lun, Ligo

Cekmi was first to arrive..at 6pm. earlier than the organizer. waiting for Cekmi at the long table in front of the escalator. Purposely picked that spot so that it can accomodate all. While was talking to Cekmi, a guy came towards us. Yes..the one and only Rulan Awan. Later we were joined by Cekya and followed by Azell, I_mshe and Tatot.

It was great to be able to meet with blogsahabat..for the first time and also for 2-3 times. always an event for me to look forward to. also a great joy for me to see all my blogsahabat having good time chit-chatting and teasing each other. more of this in the future, insya'allah. Hope future gathering will be attended by all.

Hope for the first timer tu tak serik nak jumpa we all lagi especially with biribiriberbulubiru and walaubagaimanapun.

i had a good time that day.

P/S : feels like backing out from my mission. like one-sided aje.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

the meet-up

Am leave today..not because of Datuk K and Siti off course. I know Lun, Lovey and Ligo are on leave too to watch the live telecast...minat banget ya?

am on leave because i_mshe is here. yes i_mshe is here in KL. met here at berjaya east wing lobby and hugged each other. it was great to meet her again. we went to Dome for a drink. They are having Battle of the Bands outside the complex and the music was loud. later cekya and zuhrie joined us. i met zuhrie for the 1st time. They just reached KL from a weeding photoshot in Muar and Bahau. Looks like Redmedia is doing good.  it was fun as i_mshe got the can to meet cekya and zuhrie. 45 minutes after that we were joined by Cekmi. Cekya told I_mshe about the biribiriberbulubiru and walaubagaimanapun stories (kena bayar royalti kat tatot). Tatot and emmy were not in town yesterday and can't joint us. In my heart i wish that the rest of blogsahabat were there with us. perhaps in the future. J and Umar came down and met us at Dome. Umar was shy at first. Love his picture being taken..by our talented photographer, Cekya. few minutes past 9pm, we adjourned ourselves from Dome. I_mshe and her family, cekmi and myself headed to 10th floor for dinner but unfortunately most of the foodstalls were closed except for an italian foodstall who took us as their last customer.

Going to meet i_mshe and will tell you about it in the next posting.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


you want something but don't know if it will ever come true or it is just another dream...which will never be a reality. sigh...

Monday, August 14, 2006

pack schedule part 2


thursday...woke up at 5.20am. need to be at the hotel early and set the LCD projector. brought my notebook along and thot of doing my assignment there...but because i got lots of thing at the back of my mind it is kind hard to focus on the assignment. at the same time was busy calling the webhosting company for our portal presentation...need to rent a webspace. am still worried about my exam coz i know i will not have enough time to study. at 6.30pm we took the overseas delegates to Saloma Bistro for a cultural show. It was great and they enjoyed themselves that nite. We called it a day around 10.30pm. felt so sleepy driving home and luckily i did not fall asleep while driving.

friday...today is the last day of the training session but not the programme as tomorrow we will head for Genting. After packing all our things, i headed to the office. Ouch..another headache. i got to get my quarterly bordereau done on asap as the brokers will be seeing us on monday. Furthermore my CEO will be not be in the office tuesday onwards. went back around 8pm. reached home feeling tired and sleepy. uploaded html files using ftp to the website. having trouble few times as the pictures did not appear. try few times and at last managed to upload it without having to amend the script. another night without studying.

saturday..went to genting. the weather was okay. tried the flying coaster. felt like all my was blood drained out. we made a mistake by spending lots of time at the restaurant and did not manage to try lots of things. amar, sithu and isuri tried the space shot. it was a long queue. i did not dare to try. they said it will be their first and last. at 5pm we headed back to the hotel. we said words of goodbye. It was a wonderful 5 days...i got new friends added to my list. hope that had enjoyed their stay as well do come back again. reached home at 8pm. did some revision but too sleepy to continue. asked my classmate zam to wake  me up at  11.30pm. she did but i am too sleepy to wake up.

woke at 5.30am and did some studying. seat for the exam. the question was not that difficult but because i did not do my revision, i can't answer some of the question. i know i have read it but just can't seems to remember. so i just answered what i know. now i can only hope. Portal presention was after the exam. it was a relief to finish the exam and the presentation..for a while before Aya told me that we will be having our OPM exam next week together with the submission of group assignment. sigh..

now the best part. went to see the most talked about
'PGL The Musical' at Istana Budaya. Amar, Idora, Khaled and me. One  Libyan guy was supposed to join us but  can't make it the last minute as he has to take flight home. PGL was superb...beyond words. The ending was kinda sad. got tears in my eyes but denied it when Khaled asked me if i cried. Hihihi. The backdrops simply amazing. if i got the chance i want to watch it again. and one happy thing, i met an old friend of mine, Ida Mariana. haven't seen her for more that 10 years. She is one of the cast member..played a role of Bayan, Gusti Puteri's nanny. Love all the songs. bought PGL The Musical Original Live Cast Recording Cd. For my Singaporean friends..i heard PGL is coming over there. Should take the chance to see it. Worth every dime. After the play, we went to KL Tower and Secret Recipes for dinner. Khaled will be flying of to Bahrain next day. Someone knocked the back of my car..suffered a minor damaged at the bumper and boot. i slowed down because the car suddenly changed lane to my front. like in 2-3 minutes..BAAM. the guy hit my car. damn.

Monday...managed to get my reports done. Khaled dropped by the office before heading to KLIA. We bid goodbye. hope he enjoyed his stays here. Went out for lunch a Chilli's Bangsar. thot of i_mshe and emmy.

On sad note ~ i will not be going to London. Somehow my CEO retract his approval after the Finance VP manage to convince him. My boss conveyed the news to me and said i know you are dissappointed and bla bla bla. i don't blame him tho,  he has tried his level best. he said perhaps next year.

pack schedule

got lots to update...

had a very tight schedule since Friday last week. went karakoeing  that nite. it has been a while. 9 of us altogether..some of them are preparing themselves for the karaoke competition in Karambunai end of this month. For me, it was just to get my mind off something. it surely was fun..we stayed until 1.30am. By the time i reached home it was 2am. Asked Khaled, our colleague from Bahrain to join us but he just reached KL and was tired. He was here for the training. the company organized a training for overseas delegates and i am one of the committe.

Saturday..went to class as usual. After class, met up with Amar and Khaled (for the first time) at Dome, KLCC.  I guess now i know why Oat can get along with him well. Took picture around Tower, Thought of going to Aquaria but it has already past it's operating hour. From KLCC, we headed to Naili's Sentul..for local food. He had nasi lemak, i ordered Cantonese Kueh Teow while Amar ordered Special Fried Rice. As starter, we ordered cucur. By the time we finished our dinner it's almost 2am.

Sunday...planned to take Khaled to Central Market and Petaling Street. Since i can only do that after class, Amar took Khaled to Pasar Seni. Met them at CM and went to Petaling Street. Then we took the monorail to Bukit Bintang and went to Low Yatt Plaza. Unfortunately almost of the shops were closed. didn't know that the shops closed that early. We had our dinner at Dome Lot 10 and called it a day.
another story ~ the lecturer gave us two case studies that need to be submitted next saturday. we asked for an extension since we are going to have our MIS final exam and presentation on sunday and not forgetting that we need to submit our term paper on that day.. request not granted simply by saying "you have to work in the hostile environment." kinda worries me because i know i will have a pack schedule the whole week. even am afraid that i am not able to prepare for my final exam.

Monday..office as usual. The case studies are quite long 13 and 16 pages each and we need to submit 3 pages for each case study. Went to Midvalley with Amar, Khaled and Hazrul after office. After reaching home, tried to read the case studies...gosh. what are the issue in the case studies? at the same time i was looking for a good web hosting package for our portal presentation on sunday. need to get it up and running latest by Friday as we also need to prepare the report. Iz was having trouble to upload it using the free web space. am worried now.

Tuesday...our department took Khaled for a Steamboat at Johnny's. i guessed he kinda like it. prepared for tomorrow event. get all the materials, the gifts ready. After office, brought the things to the hotel and make sure everything is in order. Reached home around 11pm and started reading the case study again. still lost. am worried about the portal, exam, term paper and assignment. all within this week.

Wednesday...out from the house around 6.20am. Need to beat the traffic. Don't want to be late since this is the first day. at 9am all the  overseas delegates have registered and the programme started off by the speech from CEO. At nite, we organised a welcoming dinner for them at the same hotel and the delegates are encouraged to wear their national custom. Reached home quite late and was too tired to do revision or assigments.

to continued...