Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Lun - Happy Belated Birthday, Cekmi - Happy Birthday In Advance

last friday there was a karaoke session. he told almost everyone about it excluding me. he invited other people to join him but did not say a word to me about it. does it wrong to be courteous? whether i am going or not it is a different issue altogether. And today, he asked my colleagues if they to follow him to PBD during lunch. he even asked Awin (are we still best friend? she-sure-don't-act-like-one) whom he rarely talked to until recently but did not say a word to me. His actions really hurt my feelings and made me cried. am i being too emotional?  maybe because i don't make such a hoo-haa, so he can just say or do what he likes. Cekya said that i should forget about the friendship. Kind of hard to do when you have been friends for over 10 years. What should i do? Shall i take it easy, go with the flow and let him do what he feels is rite or shall i go my own way as what Cekya said? am confused. am thankful i have my blogsahabats..really am. you are the bestest friend.

on a brighter note, am going to fly off to KK tomorrow. We are having the company outing in Karambunai. i'll take photos for you guys. Jgn jelaous okay.

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