Thursday, August 24, 2006

the meet-up part 2

me and i_mshe went for lunch at sushi king last tuesday. tell you..we ate until our stomach begged us to stop. still craving for sushi. yummy. Next destination, Petaling Street. I_mshe was happy to get the things she wanted for a cheaper price.

Event : Dinner
Venue  : Foodcourt, KLCC
Attendance : Myself, Cekmi, Awan, Cekya, I_mshe, Tatot, Azell
Absentees : Emmy, Zuhri, Lun, Ligo

Cekmi was first to 6pm. earlier than the organizer. waiting for Cekmi at the long table in front of the escalator. Purposely picked that spot so that it can accomodate all. While was talking to Cekmi, a guy came towards us. Yes..the one and only Rulan Awan. Later we were joined by Cekya and followed by Azell, I_mshe and Tatot.

It was great to be able to meet with blogsahabat..for the first time and also for 2-3 times. always an event for me to look forward to. also a great joy for me to see all my blogsahabat having good time chit-chatting and teasing each other. more of this in the future, insya'allah. Hope future gathering will be attended by all.

Hope for the first timer tu tak serik nak jumpa we all lagi especially with biribiriberbulubiru and walaubagaimanapun.

i had a good time that day.

P/S : feels like backing out from my mission. like one-sided aje.

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