Monday, August 14, 2006

pack schedule

got lots to update...

had a very tight schedule since Friday last week. went karakoeing  that nite. it has been a while. 9 of us altogether..some of them are preparing themselves for the karaoke competition in Karambunai end of this month. For me, it was just to get my mind off something. it surely was fun..we stayed until 1.30am. By the time i reached home it was 2am. Asked Khaled, our colleague from Bahrain to join us but he just reached KL and was tired. He was here for the training. the company organized a training for overseas delegates and i am one of the committe.

Saturday..went to class as usual. After class, met up with Amar and Khaled (for the first time) at Dome, KLCC.  I guess now i know why Oat can get along with him well. Took picture around Tower, Thought of going to Aquaria but it has already past it's operating hour. From KLCC, we headed to Naili's Sentul..for local food. He had nasi lemak, i ordered Cantonese Kueh Teow while Amar ordered Special Fried Rice. As starter, we ordered cucur. By the time we finished our dinner it's almost 2am.

Sunday...planned to take Khaled to Central Market and Petaling Street. Since i can only do that after class, Amar took Khaled to Pasar Seni. Met them at CM and went to Petaling Street. Then we took the monorail to Bukit Bintang and went to Low Yatt Plaza. Unfortunately almost of the shops were closed. didn't know that the shops closed that early. We had our dinner at Dome Lot 10 and called it a day.
another story ~ the lecturer gave us two case studies that need to be submitted next saturday. we asked for an extension since we are going to have our MIS final exam and presentation on sunday and not forgetting that we need to submit our term paper on that day.. request not granted simply by saying "you have to work in the hostile environment." kinda worries me because i know i will have a pack schedule the whole week. even am afraid that i am not able to prepare for my final exam. as usual. The case studies are quite long 13 and 16 pages each and we need to submit 3 pages for each case study. Went to Midvalley with Amar, Khaled and Hazrul after office. After reaching home, tried to read the case studies...gosh. what are the issue in the case studies? at the same time i was looking for a good web hosting package for our portal presentation on sunday. need to get it up and running latest by Friday as we also need to prepare the report. Iz was having trouble to upload it using the free web space. am worried now.

Tuesday...our department took Khaled for a Steamboat at Johnny's. i guessed he kinda like it. prepared for tomorrow event. get all the materials, the gifts ready. After office, brought the things to the hotel and make sure everything is in order. Reached home around 11pm and started reading the case study again. still lost. am worried about the portal, exam, term paper and assignment. all within this week.

Wednesday...out from the house around 6.20am. Need to beat the traffic. Don't want to be late since this is the first day. at 9am all the  overseas delegates have registered and the programme started off by the speech from CEO. At nite, we organised a welcoming dinner for them at the same hotel and the delegates are encouraged to wear their national custom. Reached home quite late and was too tired to do revision or assigments.

to continued...

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