Tuesday, August 22, 2006

the meet-up

Am leave today..not because of Datuk K and Siti off course. I know Lun, Lovey and Ligo are on leave too to watch the live telecast...minat banget ya?

am on leave because i_mshe is here. yes i_mshe is here in KL. met here at berjaya east wing lobby and hugged each other. it was great to meet her again. we went to Dome for a drink. They are having Battle of the Bands outside the complex and the music was loud. later cekya and zuhrie joined us. i met zuhrie for the 1st time. They just reached KL from a weeding photoshot in Muar and Bahau. Looks like Redmedia is doing good.  it was fun as i_mshe got the can to meet cekya and zuhrie. 45 minutes after that we were joined by Cekmi. Cekya told I_mshe about the biribiriberbulubiru and walaubagaimanapun stories (kena bayar royalti kat tatot). Tatot and emmy were not in town yesterday and can't joint us. In my heart i wish that the rest of blogsahabat were there with us. perhaps in the future. J and Umar came down and met us at Dome. Umar was shy at first. Love his picture being taken..by our talented photographer, Cekya. few minutes past 9pm, we adjourned ourselves from Dome. I_mshe and her family, cekmi and myself headed to 10th floor for dinner but unfortunately most of the foodstalls were closed except for an italian foodstall who took us as their last customer.

Going to meet i_mshe and will tell you about it in the next posting.

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