Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Black Clouds

the rain is pouring heavily outside and i am now stuck in the office. i do not dare to drive in this kind of weather. Need to change my glasses...my astigmatism has increased. Did not notice that the condition is getting bad until the 1st raya. It was raining like cats and dogs on the eve of 1st raya. Was at my grandad's place since morning ,so i decided to go back to my parents' place after the maghrib's prayer. I can't see the road clearly because of the rain and was blinded by the carlights from the opposite direction. I missed the first left turn, and the second and third alternative route just because i couldn't see all the left junctions to my parents' house. It was so dark to me. I ended up driving another 300 meters, made a right turn to a shoplots area and exit to the opposite direction and home sweet home. sigh.

i bet some places are flooded...Shah Alam without exclusion. Zam called telling me to go back before it is roads are flooded and i told her that i can't drive in this kind of weather. Just have to wait. perhaps by that time, the rain has stop and traffic has ease a little bit. From the glass window, i can see it is still heavily raining.

I am on now semester break so
i have more time for myself. nevertheless, it doesn't mean that i can simply enjoy the time luxury. I need to sumbit my ABP proposal by this November 27th and still thinking of the topic , am a little clueless. As told by Cekya, i had my QMT final exam last sunday. It was supposed to be a 3 hours exam and finish at 12.00pm. The lecturer came late, we started around 9.30am and should end by 12.00am but by 12.00pm, we were told to stop typing or writing. When we asked for time extension and our request were brushed away. I did not manage to complete my answers and so was the rest of my classmates.Off course we wouldn't as the time shortened by 30 minutes. Arghhhhhh. Zel told him the exam is supposed to finish at 12.30pm and he just said nothing. One thing i am not satisfied is that he should have told earlier that we just need to answer the questions using Words without the results. This will saved us a lot of time from having to cut and paste the results generated by the QMT software to Words. Also not to mentioned the time we take to adjust the alignment, to add tables and all. He told us that we just need to put the answers and the generated results in one folder and that we don't need to paste the results in Words.


cekmi said...

wtl, be careful when driving k. hish, ini kes teruk dah ni, samapi tak nampak junctions.

walkthrulife said...

thanks cekmi...memang nak kena tukar the glasses.