Tuesday, November 21, 2006

better service....

waited for KTM commuter for almost 30 minutes yesterday. they should by now know the trend and when is the peak hours. parked my car at shah alam commuter station after when to lodge a report to tnb. yes guys, the power supply overloaded again, and this time, my remote ceiling fan, streamyx modem and light bulb became the victim. tension banget..washing machine pun belum berbetul lagi and now this.

back to the commuter's story, one thing that i really don't understand dari dulu sampai sekarang is the attitude of Malaysian yang tak sabar-sabar nak board the train sampai tak bagi way for those who nak keluar. just couldn't understand. i should have parked my car at kelana jaya and took the lrt. you guys must be wondering why i didn't drive to work. since fasting month i don't have any parking space as new parking operator took over and priority given to the tenant of the building. the parking fees increased from rm150 to rm251. i ended up parking at the open space for rm11 per day 9 which i have to leave the car key, if i am late ) or in the office basement parking at rm20 per day. tak tahan.. dengan tol and minyak lagi, boleh bankrupt den.

so last week i decided to commute using public transport..like before. park my car at lrt kelana jaya. take the lrt to bangsar and then rapidkl bus to the office. never mind the hardship..at least boleh save sikit.

cekya in london, awan just came back from sg, cekmi went to pd with his students, i_mshe and lun at home..bestnya. me stuck at the office, not allowed to take leave in december and need to submit my Applied Business Research's proposal by 27th to MBA coordinator. am still struggling with it with no proper guidelines. they should have listed nama-nama lecturer for each area of study. taklah terkial-kial nak cari sebab we all ni bukannya semua former uitm student. also bagilah contoh the proposal that we need to submit. i had to call the fulltime student untuk tahu the format. nak cari organization and get their approval lagi. we are part time yang don't have that time luxury macam full time student. hope i can finish my proposal before 27th.

lun - comel betul kimi tu.
i_mshe - how are you gurl? miss talking to you.
cekya - have fun in london and lotsa & lotsa pictures.
azell - sorry didn't make it to your open house..proposal tak siap.
cekmi - can't wait your posting on pd trip. nanti kita arrange picnic okay.
awan - love tompi..great voice and nice songs.
tatot - senyap je?
emmy - everything okay gurl?

eagerly waiting for this movie - Cinta. dah plan nak tengok dgn amar and awin. also nak tengok the Red Kebaya

till then..bye


cekya said...

hey gurl...

i'm alrite here in london. damn cold tapi still ok...

you take care. i'll be in kl on sunday...later luv!hehehe...

ligo said...

awan came back from SG? I thot Lun said, sometime in Dec?

and your new blog is looking very the fresh!

lunacy said...

ligo, u ni cute lah gurl. awan dah dtg pun rumah i .. and awan is not a gurl ok:)

ligo said...

lun, thanks lah affirming me ni, cute :-) heheehhe..

i salah date/mth ke? maybe i got mixed up eh, cos i intend to pay you a visit in Dec.

Ye lah tu, you terbahak when I got both awan and tatot's gender salah. heheheh..sowie lah.. :-)

azell said...

kakak sayang.. it's ok. hopefully ur proposal dah siap. azell tgh teruja nih.. the decision that i just made really membuatkan hati & perasaan bercelaru.. huhuu..

walkthrulife said...

it's good to see all my fellow blogsahabat having good time.

u make me smile lah ligo..

so lun, finally meet awan..'the one with rosy cheek'