Wednesday, December 13, 2006

dia yang dulu


hati sayu..

any particular reason?

ermm..ntahlah. tiba-tiba rasa macam tu.

pelik rasa sayu mesti bersebab..

kenapa perlu berubah?


dia, dia, dia dan semua

pantai pun berubah..kenalah terima that people changed

dia ini buat i rasa that i don't matter anymore, dia itu buat me rasa down and imperfect.
aku mahu yang dulu.

u know it is impossible..

why can't just hate them...

u know why, u are not that type of person.



cekya said...

i hoped i'm not the one who has changed and make you feel bad all over...;)

yeah, it's a hurtful truth that people change. conditions change. your environment change.we change, as a matter of fact.

if these persons make you feel that way, just think that there are other persons who thinks that you matter to them, that you're a fabulous friend, sister and companion.

for them who don't feel these, they can buzz off coz they don't matter to you too. they should not.

walkthrulife said...

thanks cekya course u r not cekya.

lets be merry and be happy

sushi said...

macam citer hari christmas pulak... not that I am not taking your entry seriously okay wtl.

yeah.. change. I am not good with changes and adjusting to them. I hate weather changes.. especially from rainy to hot weather. Kalau orang yang berubah... its just wayy too puzzling for me. Susah nak kata wtl. Kadang2x perlu lihat dan nanti.