Wednesday, October 04, 2006

So Very Rude

last tuesday, when i wanted to do my laundry, i noticed that my washing machine couldn't be swtiched on. just bought the washing machine in may..takkan cepat dah rosak. then i realised that my astro decoder pun tak ada power at all. weird. The next day, i went to ask about lin's pc kat adik yg jaga cc. he told me a few pcs kat cc rosak sebab pencawang tnb rosak and few of the college students punya notebook meletup.
That explained why the washing machine and astro tak boleh pakai. he also told me tnb guy came and took reports on the damages. la..tak tahu pun.

so i decided to call tnb careline 15454. A guy picked up the call and gave me TNB Bangsar phone number and asked me to call the 'perkhidmatan pengguna'. Called the number on friday but no one answered the call. Yesterday i tried calling that number again. A girl answered the call, without i even finished explaining, she hung up the phone. I tried calling the second time and the same girl answered,before i can even finished saying 'boleh saya bercakap dgn perkhidmatan pengguna or pelanggan, she for the second time hung up on me. Due to the need to report, i called the number..yes again, for the third time. This time, without even i could say anything..she just hung up. How rude is that. I still have the patience in me...bulan puasa katakan. Dengan sisa kesabaran, i called again. This time, another lady answered the call, she asked me to call 15454. Told her i have already called the number and the guy gave me this number. She later gave me TNB Shah Alam number to call and report. Called but no one answered, so i called TNB Bangsar again. I asked her if there is other number, sempatlah juga kata 'your careline gave me this number and you asked me to call that number balik. i have been calling this number 3 kali and the girl that answered the calls hung up on me. Mungkin lepas dengar i said that she tried to help me.

The TNB website, don't help 15454 careline sepatutnya ada unit that ambil report for bahagian tuntutan or CRO. get the needed details from the customer, process it internally and sent it to the respective branch or unit. Not forgeting the RUDE TNB worker yg hung up on me 3 times...tak ada manners langsung, pergilah kelas that teach telephone etiquette. sorrylah biah..tapi that girl memang overboard. geram betul.


Talking about rudeness, this guy memang very rude. dahlah ambil hak cekya tanpa bagi credit to her, masih have the nerve to use vulgar words marah cekya. dia ingat dia duduk scotland tu, dia boleh berlagaklah. this is the type of people i call 'melayu mudah lupa'. susah sangat agaknya nak bagi credit kat orang. his ego is bruised, tu yang marah sangat...tapi suit him right sebab dahlah tak mintak permission tu satu, tak even give credit to cekya. i pun geram kat dia.

p/s :- still having very bad cough and sore throat.


sushi said...

arghhhh!!1 i am angry with that lady and the guy that abused cekya!!! argghhhhh!! marah sungguh. I would give both a piece of my mind. I wish i could curse now.. better not.

*hugs* to u wtl.
as for the guy - back at him for being a melayu yang ambil harta orang tanpa izin dan lagak macam dia punya. sooo typical!

walkthrulife said...

i pun geram..berlagak tu yg tak tahan

huslina said...

Hi Ateh,

What else is new..TNB still owes me RM150 since they changed my acct nbr without notifying me & unable to trace where did the payment goes. I end up like ping pong balls, hunting one TNB office to another (situ kata sini, sini cakp situ etc)

Imagine how much RM150 worth to the needy?

Keep in touch. You can mail me at

walkthrulife said...

Hi Nana,

The TNB guy is coming over to take picture of my washing mashine. Am not sure whether i should repair it first. In the need of washing machine...

Congrats..when is ur due date?

azell said...

kak wtl.. marah jugak ngan budak TNB tu.. mmg the very rude one!! ade ke treat customers macam tu? dah silap tu admit jelah.. and azell pun mmg bengang ngan the guy yang curi gambar cekya tu.. menyirap darah bile bace his nonsense.. dia ingat dia bagus sangat la tu.. isk.. geram nih!!

huuhuu.. azell lepas geram kat sini sbb takleh access cekya nyer comment utk lepaskan geram.. :D

walkthrulife said...

some ppl just ignorance abt this..tak apa, nanti ada org lain pulak buat kat them. baru dia org rasa.