Friday, September 15, 2006

Anticipation of Baby..nervous vs excitement

i am feeling nervous and excited at the same time. i got my OPM presentation tomorrow...a group presentation. Apart from the lecturer evaluation, i will also be appraised my classmates. It is not so much about the evaluation but more afraid of being bombarded with questions from the lecturer and one particular person of the floor. Need to read the report over and over again..if i can't answer 100 percent right at least 85-90 percent correct. Last week, we started on a new subject , Managerial Decision Analysism (QMT). I did not attend the 1st class as my cousin wedding was on the same day. I read the handout and only able understand 5 percent of what i read.It was like reading without absorbing anything. Those who attended the class find it hard to understand, what more me who did not attend the class. My fellow classmate called it Quantitative Memang Teruk = QMT. What even worse, i just got to know from Aya last wednesday that we need to submit the first assignment on sunday...somehow my name was not in the mailing list and i did not get any of their emails. No one is able to do it yet..that is bad. Called a fellow colleague in HQ asking about QMT. He told me he did not understand a thing and decision tree is the most simpliest topic in QMT. Ouch. Even the simpliest one i can't understand, i wonder about the other topics.

Baby. She been given that name and that is the name i will be calling her. She is the new girl in town. The one i have been waiting for 4 months. I have been counting the days when i will meet her for the first time.
it is just around the corner and i am waiting eagerly. Am so excited. Going to meet her this sunday. My persian cat.

Me, Cekya, Cekmi, Tatot and Awan (hopefully ) will be meeting each other at Kampung Baru today. Cekmi...u will be our target as always. The topic of the day Cik Norkiah..Nokia.


she-blocks said...

wuwww...thats tough! nervous vs excitement! hehehe...
but anyway, i really salute you guys yang pursuing studies nih, including cekmi[i still can't believe he kissed the late norkiah!]. i don't think i can absorb books, assignments and tutorials. how i wish i can...:)

cekmi said...

Persian cat!!!? Ai laik!!! (maaf tot).