Monday, December 31, 2007

Life is a walk across a field

It is only few hours before the clock strikes 12am, marking a new year. A new beginning for some people. What has 2007 brought you? For me 2007 has surely spices up my life in so many ways.

I tendered my resignation letter in thing i thought i never do even in my 6 years of working with the company. I know i had future with the company but i guess it is a decision i had to make for a better career advancement. I have grudges..but i guess most of you know about it. Someone said don't burn your bridges...intend not to do so, with some people that is.
I completed my MBA this's my personal achievement. Something that i am proud of. Eventhough my earlier target was to do it after 3 year of working..but it's better late than never. Relationship..ermm, i am still single. Yes..i do hope that i will end my single life in 2007 but i guess one can only dream..i got few more hours to dream.
I make lots of new friends this year..friends of friends. And i still think that i need a new circle of friends without neglecting the existing friends.
Exquis Images...exquisite images. Yes, that is the name that we agreed to be in our name cards. We have been quite busy lately with photoshots and Cekya have put in trust for me to handle all the admin tasks..hope that i won't let her down.

2007 has been a great journey...a walk through life that will turn into memorable moments.

What are my hopes and resolution for 2008? I will tell you later in my next entry. Till then..

Goodbye 2007 and Welcome 2008. Happy New Year To All.

by Dave Kartzman
Let me be a bookmark in your life;
Crafted with our love
And the coloured inks
of our words;
A weathered parchment
of my soul
Upon your memory.

As you walk through life,
Other chapters will be scripted.
you will reflect,
Tabbing back to the bookmark we built,
Remembering . . .


awan said...

happy new year! god bless!

KK said...

was looking a reference to Ralphi.E's works when stumbled upon your page...
pardon my intrusion...

funny thing is, we both have tendered our resignation after 6 years with the company.
All the best to you and may the future unveils great things to you people around you...

cekmi said...

wishing u the best of stuffs in 2008. I bet they are on their ways. Smile.

lunacy said...

mana post for 2008 wtl??