Monday, December 10, 2007

I should not dare to leave my friend..

I am changing my blog layout since the previous layout went haywire..kinda lazy to really dig which part of the script that are missing. I shall miss the red apples. I am liking this new look..kinda clean. Ramai yg being away from blogging arena kecuali Lun and Jimi yang sentiasa ada updates. Thot of blogging about it tapi Lun dah blog dulu..hehehe

Lot of things had happened. I got a new niece..Yan's daughter. Ivana Marcella..that is her name. We called her Marcella. Later i'll post her picture..kena minta from Cekya. Talking about Cekya, lately, both of us memang banyak spent time together..mostly related to Exquis Images. Tapi bila dah jumpa tu biasalah..gossip, gossip and gossip.

Last week Aan's mom was admitted in the ICU due to a burst blood vein and had to undergo an operation. Alhamdulillah, the operation went smoothly. Please pray for her speedy recovery. To Aan, semoga tabah menghadapi dugaan Allah.

Workwise. Counting the days to february 2nd. My last day with the company. Kerja pun dah tak banyak..bosanlah juga. Now clearing up apa-apa yang patut. Masih lagi not sure as who will be taking over my portfolio..still looking for the right candidate. Better find soon as i need to do handover thingy before i leave.

Thanks Ligo for the lovely ring and to Jimi for the cd.


lunacy said...

hey im liking this template more and more lah.. hehehe update pon!!

walkthrulife said...

glad that you like it..i like it too

she-blocks said...

we ARE tired, aren't we sista?

lunacy said...

u all buat apa eh?

walkthrulife said...

we are cekya..but we are having fun doing it kan?

sama macam RM lah lun cuma blm really all out.

cekya said...

yes, we're definitely havin' so much fun!

we all tetiap minggu ada activity la kak lun. wedding jobs la, gi tmn amik gambar la. siti situ sana sini...hehehehe

lunacy said...

ok now i get it, RM tu bukan ler ringgit m'sia yeee hehehehe

wah cekya seronok lah cam gitu eh.. good job u guys!!

walkthrulife said...

sabar jelah
lun..u ni buat i gelak kat sini lah

PMG - 'penat mak gelak'