Wednesday, December 12, 2007

what life has thrown me I have caught..

i have learned that
your life can change
in a matter of minutes
by people who don't even know you


she-blocks said...


at this rate, for all the changes that comes by, you gotta be strong. kena kuat lagi, tamau soft sangat dengan orang. it'll turned things bad, apparently.

jangan putus harap. we'll always love you!

I_mshe said...

hey throw it back on life and tell life get a life!

walkthrulife said...

tak tahu terbaca kat biah kot.. "the things you don't know won't kill you"

i beg to differ.."the things you don't know, might kill you."

lunacy said...

"everyday is a learning journey"
so what has changed wtl?

sometimes there's a reason why we werent told abt certain thing kan?
sometimes its best not to know also ..

walkthrulife said...

i am still the person i am years ago but as i grow older, as i walked through my life everyday, i see things in a broader view and a in a different perspectives.