Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Special Wish

Thoughts Of Love On Your Birthday

Birthdays are occasion
for compliments and praise
And saying many of the things
we don't say other days -
For thoughts of love and gratitude
are fragile, cherished things,
As gossamer as fleecy clouds
or hummingbirds' small wings,
And often through the passing days
we feel deep down inside
Unspoken thoughts of thankfulness
and fond, admiring pride -
But words can say so little
when the heart is overflowing
And often those we love the most
must have no way of knowing
the many things the heart conceals
and never can impart,
For words seem so inadequate
to express what's in the heart -
But since it is your birthday
I thought it would be nice
If I let this first edition verse
by Helen Steiner Rice
In some small way express the things
that I would like to say
Not only on your birthday
but on every other day.


Hugs & kisses


Sassy said...

awwwwwwwwwwww. cute!! happy birthday :-)

cekya said...

love the candle.
love the cake.
love the poem.
love the flowers.
love the heart-shaped pillow.
love you.
thank you so much for being a friend & sister i have never had.

walkthrulife said...

hi sassy...welcome

cekya..thanks too dear for being a wonderful sis