Friday, December 21, 2007

If there were dreams to sell, What would you buy?

Of late life been pretty busy...keep me occupied. I like being around with people i love..sharing witty stories that tickle your heart and made you burst with laughters. Because once at home by myself, the loneliness haunts and mind boggling questions will definitely come across my mind. What will become of me? What future will brings me? Yeah..yeah i know. I am the one who are going to set the course to where is it going and how. The thing is, i am still in quest of what i really want...but i can't be twiddling my thumbs forever, can i?.

One for sure, i don't want to stay single all my life. Then again, i don't want the degree of freedom i enjoy now is being ripped off me. I want everything. I am selfish.

My thoughts soar not as they ought to soar,
Higher and higher on soul-lent wings;
But ever and often and more and more
They are dragged down earthward by little things,
By little troubles and little needs,
As a lark might be tangled among the weeds.

My purpose is not what it ought to be,
Steady and fixed, like a star on high,
But more like a fisherman's light at sea;
Hither and thither it seems to fly--
Sometimes feeble, and sometimes bright,
Then suddenly lost in the gloom of night.

My life is far from my dream of life--
Calmly contented, serenely glad;
But, vexed and worried by daily strife,
It is always troubled and ofttimes sad--
And the heights I had thought I should reach one day
Grow dimmer and dimmer, and farther away.

My heart never finds the longed-for rest;
Its worldly striving, its greed for gold,
Chilled and frightened the calm-eyed guest
Who sometimes sought me in days of old;
And ever fleeing away from me
Is the higher self that I long to be.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox


lunacy said...

dahling, if u asked me i wud say enjoy whatever tat u have. dun let being single bother u, cukup bulan gie holiday.. buat umrah hmm gie lah umrah doa kat raudha minta jodoh pun ok.

nanti kalau dah kahwin peranan dah lain. Nak care free sangat pun tak elok tho husben tak kisah..kalau dah de anak lagik movement makin terikat. cam i nih.. husben happy kat SG nak langkah gi m'sia pun bercinta hehehe so kene carik alternative lain to happikan diri i.

we dun know the future but its best to make ourselve happy at all time kan?

I_mshe said...

I can totally understand what u mean.. but you know when u fall really in love and you start to know that deep in your heart you want to commit to this relationship and marriage, your priorities and roles differ. Yes you may enjoy the freedom husbands usually allow us to do that. However you will be busy with rumahtangga stuff. Remember when in relationship most important freedom is the freedom to be yourself. *Wisdom of A Working Mom*

cekya said...

i dont wanna stay single too...:(

walkthrulife said...

it is kinda scary sometimes..i am afraid i will turn out to be a different totally...i am hoping not.

anyway, i can rely on u guys to remind me of who i am.

ligo said...

jangan lupa, have a good financial and savings planning since single mingle ni.