Monday, July 14, 2008

memories of old days

I did post the entry earlier and removed. I decided to post the entry....


am bored being me…bored with my work, my day to day routine. Need something new, colourful and exciting.

Weeks ago, I was toying with phone when I suddenly saw his old left me speechless and sad. Brought back the memories and it still lingers. How I wish things will be different. No matter how bad I want to turn back the is not impossible. He is still in my heart and mind. Whenever I think of him I will try hard not to be sad or far I managed to do that. Not sure for how long tho…

"you have done so much for me. syg You have suffered enough. I tak tahu mcmana nak balas budi you. You have brought joy and love in my life, I will not forget that. All I can afford is a word of thanks. Let the love rest with me syg."

"if you love me, doa for me. All I need now is your prayers. Buat bekalan nanti"

I haven't hear any news from him..not sure if he is still around. My prayers is with him. How i love him so and my heart still ache

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