Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Be strong, Be patient

I saw her online today and said to myself 'she is on leave I suppose'. I dropped a few lines saying hi and asked her how is life is treating her. She replied by saying not feeling that well. Later I asked her about ibuk. She just asked me to read her blog. This must be something big. True enough..the cat got my tongue. I can understand how it feels like. It is news that any daughters/sons wouldn't want to hear. She and her family had been through a lot lately. I pray that things will be better for her and her family. She is one really nice lady and she deserve the best in life.

My dearest strong for her and take good care of yourself. My prayers will be with you. I am here if you need someone to talk to. Love you girl.

The lrt putra had a track problem yesterday and had to be operated manually. It took us..myself, Cekya and Marissa (my colleague) almost 2 hours to reach KLCC. The train stopped about 15-20 minutes each station. It was really packed and hot. Standing all the way from Kelana Jaya to KLCC was not something enjoyable feet hurts. Can't imagine those with high heels. I know Cekya couldn't wait to get out of the train. She was practically trying hard to prevent herself from vomiting due to someone's body odor. I saw one lady rubbing her nose and later pull her shirt's collar to her nose. The odor must be so strong…yucks.

I have been planning for a second reunion to be held in Melaka. I have appointed a few people to help with the preparation since they are there. It is quite frustrating because it is not progressing as I hope. They have not come back with the updates on the location and price. Linda and I feel somewhat disappointed. She is going back this weekend and plan to check with the hotels there. I am still locating some of our friends and making phone calls on the reunion. Come on guys..both of us can't be doing all. Help us out!!!

HIM - "The most devastating thing happened to me…"


she-blocks said...

come to think of it kan, we are all strong women. you, me[at times], ligo, masyi lun & kak emmy. strong personalities.

and i believe, our strength will lead her through, insya-Allah.

lunacy said...

thanks yati, thanks cekya..