Wednesday, July 02, 2008

After 20-23 years....

This saturday is going to be great...and i am all excited.

Linda, Emi and I were having our regular meet-up, when we decided to call one of our schoolmate. She suggested that we should meet up on that week but Linda and I can't make it. So we plan to meet her this week. Since we are meeting her, i smsed few of my other friends in KL/Selangor informing them about the meet-up. Then i started to get names of others who are in KL/ well as those in Malacca and other states. The hunt begins and the name list getting even longer than what i had expected..this is so, so overwhelming. I didn't know many of my schoolmates are here. So, this two weeks i have been collecting numbers and calling my schoolmates..

With them around here, i have planned for a mini reunion this saturday..from only 6 people, i now have 17 people confirming their attendance. Hoping to get more mobile numbers and attendees. Some of those i haven't seen for 20-23 years. Few of them will be coming all the way from Malacca. I guess this is a kickstart before a grand reunion in the near future.

Everybody seems very excited...i am too. loving it.

Lun...i am also having reunion like you. :) Miss u too girl!!!


lunacy said...

wah 17 dah confirm to come tat's great wtl .. hv fun ya!!

walkthrulife said...

we are getting more numbers today..linda even called our science teacher. He can't make it but all excited. He looking forward the one in melaka