Thursday, February 26, 2009

the best is out there

I am honored knowing there is someone who actually notice my capabilities when people in my own department keep a blind eyes and would rather employ outsider than develop the talent within the organization. Had he offered to take me in his department much earlier i wouldn’t be looking for another job and gladly accepted his offer. The opportunity learning from one of the best can be quite tempting. Almost change my mind about leaving but wouldn’t be fair to my future boss because i have promised to join him and he is willing to buy out my two months notice. Another thing at back of my mind was whether can he really pull the string in getting me in when my own department is also shorthanded and the decision is in the hand of the CEO. Say if he does, the environment is still status quo, i will still feel like the low caste employee like what i am feeling now and there is no guarantee that it will change…not for any time soon.

Having a confused mind, i sought to istikharah, seeking guidance from Allah to make the choice of my future. I woke the next morning with a firm decision and did all that need to be done. I am still being bombarded with questions,even today, by my colleague who would be very happy if i joined her department as to what are my decision and trying to convince me why i should take the offer. Later on the evening, received a phone call from the future employer informing my medical check-up went well and they need my joining date for them to issue the offer letter.

I can foresee ‘interesting days’ ahead of me with lots of questions, answers and reasoning to be made to the decision i made.

As so far what i can say is “Alhamdulillah, it all went well”. Allahu Akbar.

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