Thursday, June 21, 2007

It Pay Off

Just dapat my result..ada 2A, 1A minus and 1B. tension betul dapat B for International Business. Walaupun bagaimanapun ku panjatkan teramat sangat syukur kepadaNya. I will be graduating this year will CGPA of 3.54. YEAY!!!! Nak grad. All the hardwork pay off. I am so HAPPY beyond words.

Remember tak, i selalu mention the top student in my class tu. He will be graduating with a CGPA of 3.97. Overall he got 3A plus, 9A and 1A minus. How to challenge that? One thing i can say he is gifted.

Thanks to all my classmate for your support and friendship. I LOVE YOU ALL and CONGRATS.


sushi said...

Congratsss!! U deserve it.. YOu worked sooooo very hard. AND NOW U deserve another round of SHOPPING in SINGAPORE! ahahahahha..

bawaklah rombongan cik kiah!

kosong said...

saya tak penah dapat seterrer itu... :-)