Friday, June 22, 2007

mana silapnya?

the other day i saw few people signed card and saw A**r pegang hadiah. asked him, he said hadiah org kahwin. i was a bit puzzled sebab in my knowledge tak ada news ada orang nak kahwin. today i saw hadiah tu at table my officemate yang last day. To kill my curiousity i asked someone card apa yang she signed the other day and she replied the card is for my officemate yang last day tu. A**n dah beli hadiah and she tanya siapa yang nak share. terasa kecil hati sungguh..the others but tak tanya i pun. bukan i kenal then setahun dua. I have know them for 11 years and they did this. dahlah lately ni rasa sangat terasing sangat with their attitude towards me. Am i that bad ke?

I think i need to do something positive to myself. Personal grooming and build up the confident level. Pedulikan mereka.


cekmi said...

start prioritize things in life, wtl. make a list of things u like to change. We all need changes to boost our energy and confidence. im trying myself too. its not easy.

yes, pedulikan mereka!

sushi said...

i agree 100% with cekmi. u hv my support. and iif m there i wd go shopping with u..go makeover as well.

no need to ask mana silapnye.

lunacy said...

hmm u can con't tak pedulikan mrk or .. u can lunch wif them and drop the bomb, asked them u noe abt the gift and why they excluded u. see each one of the muka2 bersalah. sure ada yg blur out things .. it may not be gud to hear. well at least u get to thrash things out.

gud luck!

Anonymous said...

agree ngan lun. tanya terus jer.


cekya said...

kdg2, mmg terasa nak tanya terus but hati dah sakit, malas nak pjgkan cerita, kan sis?

anyways, takder update baru ke beb?

ligo said...

I would do one of the scenarios given, ikut mood.

kalau mood nak tanya, cari gaduh gitu, will sure ask, korang asal?

if mood malas btul layan budak2, gasak lah..orang tak nak, kita pun tak ingin.