Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bad Service

In my previous entry, i grumbled about the hassles i have to go through when applying for my passport. Today, again i am pissed off with the Immigration Department service. I went there this morning to collect my passport. I asked Mr. A as he is the one handled my case and the one officer there told me that Mr. A is on MC. He can't handle it on his behalf, therefore i have to come back tomorrow and make the payment as the file is with Mr. A. The passport can only be collected 3 days after the payment has been made. It was a waste of effort to go there and gained nothing except a tiring legs as i have to walk from the KTM Commuter to Wilayah Complex. A question popped out of my my ..."can't somebody handle it on his behalf?"

About an hour after i reached my office, Mr. A called and asked me if i can come over as he will be in the office half day. I told him that i could not make it today as i already went there this morning and for me to go there again from Damansara by public transport...won't do it. I got reports to be submitted by end of the day. I told him that i will see him tomorrow and want to know what he told me? He is on MC tomorrow. OMG!! That means i have to made payment on Friday...hope that he will be around and get my passport on Tuesday the week after. The passport has to be in my hand by Tuesday or latest by Saturday..if not it means trouble because need to catch a flight to Singapore on Sunday.

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