Friday, May 06, 2005


Cekya's entry hari ni quite sad..made me think about myself. wtl don't know if i am making the rite decision...but nobody knows anyway. Though he is far away. Though he forgot my birthdays. Though it's not possible too see each other as often as i want. I choose him. I heard, people in love do wierd i doing the same? Akan ada tak setuju with my decision and i don't know how to explain to them why. If i know, will they understand? Do we have to have a reason to fall in love?
Lun asked why is love so painful..the thing is i don't know. Is it because we give our whole heart to the one we love and nothing is left for us. Maybe.
I have this poem in my previous entry and like to share it again with all of you. I got it from Kak Suhaida ( don't know whereabout is she now )

Have i cast a shadow upon your life,
Have i wrongly represented your thoughts,
Have i injected the devilish idea about men,
Have i, most of all, killed the principles
that you so dearly hold.

All i can tell you is, I've never intended to let things be that way,
I am just an ordinary person
A fragile being, an innocent creature,
Who will walk this way but once,
Just the same as you are.

I am, like all humans,
An imperfect creation,
I live through trials and errors,
I was faced with tempations,'
I've stood thick and cold,
through frustration, suffering and agony,
And lastly, i choose to ignore.

The wish of my heart,
Asking for your forgiveness, if i've been wrong
This is just a path of life,
And i'll tell you, the difficulty in the choice.

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