Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Hour

Life has been leisurely calm.. Not more classes to attend or trying to keep up with deadlines, and above all that, no more exams. So what did i do on saturdays and sundays? I did not do anything bizarre..sometimes just laze around and watched tellie till late time. Taking the time off even from blogging, though i have so much to tell. Such a wonderful life. I-A-M-L-O-V-I-N-G-I-T. But i am not very sure how long i can stay this way...not studying, i mean. Been doing that ever since i got my first degree. Few of my friends did ask if i have the intention to pursue. Yes, the intention to do Doctorate is there, just don't know when. At the moment, just let me feel the enjoyment of being free after the 2 years of hardwork.

Also, there are those who are not keen of the idea..wanting me to settle down. Not-that-easy. At my age, where can i find a good single guy nowadays..most of them are already taken, not ready for any commitment or career-oriented. What is left? The opportunist..lots of those these days. It scares me. Sometimes i feel that i in my comfort zone with being single. I have the freedom to do as i pleased, out with friends whenever i want. One the other hand, i want the companionship..if possible without having to sacrifice my freedom, perhaps not all but most of it. The only cloud in the horizon is the fail marriage or he turned out to be a complete stranger after saying the vows.

Transformers..robots in the sky ( An's version). Managed to see the movie after twice of unlucky circumstances. Some even said maybe 'i takde jodoh with transformers'. I am determined to see the movie..no matter what. You must be wondering what were the unlucky instances.
  • My friend managed to get us the ticket for saturday show on wednesday. Woke up saturday morning with the eagerness to watch Transformers (been waiting since last year). Couldn't get my car to start..tried few times, still failed to get the engine running. It was 9.00pm and the workshops were yet to open. Luckily, they had their handwritten phone number at the banner. Quickly called the mechanic. After done some checking, he said the alternator need to be changed. Since he did not store any at the workshop, he need to get it elsewhere. Still early, i might be able to make it to KLCC at 11am. Waiting..waiting and felt like forever. My heart pounded fast when my watched showed 10.45pm. My hope crushes. Called my friend few times but can't get through. Apparently, she did not bring her cellphone. Told the mechanic i am going home (luckily it's only a 5 mins walk) and asked him to call me when it's ready. By the time the car is ready it has past 1pm. Sigh!!!
  • On Monday, planned with my colleagues to watch the movie on Wednesday. The four of us..Redz, Jidi and Aja. Booked the ticket online and i got Redz to pick up the tickets. On that Wednesday, we rushed to Midvalley and got there on time. Went into the movie theatre and happily seated at our seats with the popcorns and all. Again, i waited. Popcorns almost finish...wondered why it took so long for the show to start. Suddenly we heard someone made an announcement that there was a technical problem and the movie cannot be shown. People started to make noises. i can understand why. To queue for the tickets is not something we want to do again. We have no other choice but to get our refund. Decided to watch the show on friday but we cannot do the booking since the monitor only showed up to Thursday showtimes. To cut it short, Friday and Saturday fully booked, we manage to catch Monday's show. At last, after such a long wait, i can proudly say that I HAVE WATCHED TRANSFORMERS. It was beyond words..superbly good. You know what i mean, right?
Masyi requested that i post pictures of the house i am staying currently. Will do that after i take a few snapshots. Not something fancy or extraordinary but i like it very much. Hoping that she will sell the house to me. Do pray for me..please.

I know i don't have the look but i don't need to be constantly reminded of that eventhough jokingly. I can accept it the first time but not that often. Thinking back, i feel that he are sometimes like my sister, like to say as they pleased without thinking that others might feel offended with their words. Lidah itu lebih tajam dari mata pedang. Whatever lah...the inner beauty is much more important that what lies in the outside. I am still grateful being the person i am..Alhamdulillah.


lunacy said...

hahaha happy hour!! i like that.. i like to see u enjoying every moment of life. after all that happened, transformer cam bertambah sentimental kan? btw i just beli transformer waterbottle hehehe.

err saoe mamat yg sajer sajer jer cakap cam tu?

walkthrulife said...

macamana rupa botol transformer tu...post lah the pic.

cekya said...

enjoy the serenity of not having pressures around you. rehat2 lah. gi holiday.

mamat mana yg cakap mcm tu. meh lempang sekali.

ligo said...

hidup memang camni. when we in this state (single) kita nak or ppl push or tanya bila want to be at that state (married, blah, blah, blah).

pokoknya at whatever stage we living in, just try to be happy :) do what can make us happy, dont wait till next stage or next year..macam tu lah..

cekmi said...

ala.. singleness might be the promised way to fulfillnment and achievement. so be it.

congrats. 0-0 lah kita ye skrg. i mean, our study. hehe