Monday, March 10, 2008

Hot! Hot! Pants On Fire

As most of Malaysian, the poll outcome took us by surprise and i am quite content about it. I am neither a supporter nor am i an opposer it but as a the 'rakyat' of this country, i want to see whether the new political platform will bring about the changes the rakyat has been longed for. What are the future will be for Malaysia? We will see. For the first time, the Barisan won with a simple majority with 5 states are now under the opposion/coliation party. I never took interest in the poll results before but this time around i stayed until 6am. All of us took interest in the result especially after Nurul Izzah won at Lembah Pantai and saw many opposition candidates won their seats, not forgetting those who lost including Samy Vellu. This is a very painful lesson for the ruling party who are rather arrogant and complacent with their positions and never thought that the rakyat will actually go for the opposition. They underestimate the people power, failed to address the frustrations of the rakyat let alone tackling all issues in a more comprehensive manner . Voters are more mature now. They want their voice to be heard. The sunday's poll outcomes have surely said it all. For the opposition party this is the time for them to walk the talk. Like the others, i am looking forward to see whether the check and balance that being created by the people will be materialised. If before it was easy for the ruling to gain 2/3 majority in most decisions, now they have to put a hard fight with the opposition party. Those were being elected now better have a right formula to serve their community or will be facing the same fate in the next election. We want to be listen, we will be watching and appraise you in next 4 years.


ligo said...

ye lah, macam kesian pulak with pak lah, menang tipis...tapi kan, he got to buck up fast. or else...
the thing is, got to unite his party together.

opposition pulak, jangan main tabur janji je..lepas tu, takde budget pulak kan.

*kata ku yang tak pernah vote,up to now*

walkthrulife said...

Kesian tu memang but i think BN deserve what they are getting. Ignorance is not a bliss for them..time for them to do a thorough assessment. Perhaps only now they will listen..

We will see if the opposition /coliation party really keep up to their promises and if the coliation works.

i didn't either Ligo..

cekmi said...

hmmm. such a wise comment from a wise rakyat.

democracy has finally spoken.


lunacy said...

i wish the BA all the best. Kalau pasal budget tuu its not up to opposition party but its the govt fault. Wang rakyat tak dibahagi secara adil. One sided that's what its all abt.