Friday, September 12, 2008

Good Teacher, Bad Teacher

We are blessed to have good teachers, like Jimi and someone I know of, who are very dedicated and have a high commitment towards their responsibilities to educate our kids in becoming a better person in their future lives. I am sure there are a lot of those teachers out there whom we look at with full admiration and wish our kids will be taught by that kind of teachers. I would say my teachers were those who dedicate their lives to the profession and I can still remember them well. How I am grateful to them for what I have become today.

Having saying all these, i can deny out there in the system there are teachers who are plain lazy and couldn't care less about their students. And for the fact to no stern action taken against them..these situations will prolong. My neighbor, Ogy once complained about an English teacher of her son who did not teach him properly and some very prominent grammatical errors were marked correct by her. She brought forward the case to the teacher and her replied was 'terlepas pandang'. I was astonished. How can she make such a mistake? Syakirin was lucky to have a mom who checks his school works everyday and know the English grammars. What happened to those students whom their works are not checked? I wonder.

I got a friend..a teacher friend who complained about his fellow teachers. How they just left their class unattended..give lame reason of things that he/she need to do when what he/she do is only sit at one corner doing nothing or pretending to do something. There are also those who pretend to teach only when the principal is doing her/his rounding. I asked him if the teacher is not teaching it will show in the exam results of that particular subject for sure. That would not be a problem as the kids were given the questions offhand and sure the results will turn out to be a beauty. I was shocked. What will become of our children? What are actions taken against those teachers? They will be given few advices, scolds or transferred to another school. That wouldn't solve the problem at all. I did ask why didn't he considered be transferred to another school and he answer was simple. What will happen to my students if I were to leave. How are we glad there are still good teachers out there.

What is the role of the PIBG now? I know PIBG has played their role but how strong are their views being taken into consideration? Should there be a change management in the school system? What is the JPN and KPM doing about this? I personal view, these problems is more prevailing in suburban than the urban. Something need to be done…and quick.

Just my two cents.

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