Friday, April 23, 2004

A Nite With Sheila Majid

Being an ardent fan of Sheila Majid, my friends and me make a booking to watch Sheila Majid's performance for the Secretaries' Week at the J.W. Marriot. The show started off with the appearance of Afdlin Shauki. He managed to make us laugh the our heart out with his spontaneous jokes and interaction with some of the audiences. Dayang Nurfaizah and Amy Mastura were also there to see her performance.

The food were quite okay eventhough it was not my cup of tea especially The Roasted Duck Breast...perhaps due to the fact, that duck is not on my list of protein provider. It doesn't matter that much though because our main purpose is to see Sheila Majid.

After waiting for an hour or so, she appeared on the stage. She looked lovely as ever and her pregnancy add more radiance to her face. She sang Cinta Kita as it was the theme for this year. It is also her new track title which was launched yesterday. It was followed by Warna,Wanita, a medley of Diana Ross's song and also P. Ramlee's.

Times flies so quick as we were abt to enjoy ourselves...the performance came to an end but thanks to Afdlin Shauki, she walked back to the stage singing September Pagi..a duet with Afdlin and Lagenda. Her perfomance wouldn't be completed if she did not sing Antara Anyer dan Jakarta. She ended her performance with Ku Pohon.

Bought her latest cd outside the ballroom and managed to get her autograph on that cd. We took pictures with her and Dayang too. Had a great day.

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