Wednesday, April 18, 2007

all will come to an end..

the past few weeks my life had been so hectic. i don't care what happened around me. all i care was to finish my thesis on time. I took a whole week leave from the office last week. Am sure people thought that i was somewhere relaxing and having a good time. how i wish lah kan. the fact was, i spent my days and nights at uitm..trying to get my ABP (Applied Business Project/Research) aka thesis done on time. As mentioned in my earlier posting..i had to do my thesis during the semester and at the same time i got classes to attend to. Lecturer are also not compromising..but can't blame them, they also need us to gave us with assignments as part of the coursework. Unlike the seniors, they have 3 months solely for ABP. Having to do thing in a rush, really test our patience and endurance. Me and Aya slept at the 24 hours discussion room, had our shower at the toilet. A memory to cheeris. A day before handing in the ABP, we did not sleep for 30hrs (that is the time when Cekmi smsed and wish me), had to berkejar to office to print, balik to uitm to rearrange the pages and appendices, pergi kedai for binding and submitted it to the 2 examiners, supervisor and faculty..yes it was a very tiring day for us. So happen, it was the day of my BIRTHDAY. Easy said, i dated my thesis on my birthday and went to sleep after that. A lovely way to celebrate.

My life is like "makan ABP, tidur ABP"...there were times when we had our lunch at 6pm, at 8pm..we were caught up with works until terlupa lunch. I joined up with Aya for this ABP..there were some group of 3 but yang buat kerja 2 orang aje. Yang seorang tu either give very minimal effort or no contribution at all. Macam-macam masalah yang other groups encountered. My group was not an exceptional. Our supervisor was not around to assist us as she was on medical leave after underwent an operation. So, tengok orang jumpa their supervisor on their finding analysis, rasa sedih juga lah sebab tak ada sesiapa nak proof read our ABP. It will backfires us masa viva nanti.

Decided to see the coordinator about our problem. I went to see her in the morning and told her about our problem and she just said your supervisor will be back on Monday. HELLO!!! Monday is the submission date..takkan nak hantar je. Then Aya smsed our supervisor with the hope to see her at home. She replied the sms and asked us to seek help from our coordinator as she is really unwell. This time i went to see her with Aya with a notebook in hand hoping that will have a look at our work. To our dissappointment and anger, she said i tak ada masa nak baca..i ada banyak benda lain nak baca and it is not my line. A coordinator can say as such..she is SUPPOSED to help us yang in need. She called another lecturer, which was our Marketing lecturer to help us. Lepas tu terus sambung her work tanpa giving us a word of comfort. Tau lah dia nak supervise the top student aje tapi being a coordinator you should also have empathy pada the studentsn (so lecturers out there, don't pick and choose). Even some of the lecturers tak faham why do we need to do our ABP in a rush and some even thought that we dah tak ada class and solely buat ABP.

On Sunday, we went to seeDr. S***** . She was really helpful. She even wanted to help us with our power point presentation. Thanks Dr. S*****, you really save us and thanks for comforting us. A group she supervised is having some problem juga..hanya M (from next class) yang buat kerja. Yang 2 lagi habuk tak boleh harap. He did cerita his problem pada Abg R masa friday prayer. We got to know pun from Abg R..memang kesian dengar his story. So lepas Dr. S***** tengok our work, we asked her about M's group. She said if she did not receive anything from the group, maknanya kena deferred lah. Aiyokk. Terus both of us rasa kesian kat M. Takkan sebab 2 sleeping partners tu, M tak boleh grad. Tak patut. Yang group member dia sorang tu at the moment kat overseas and the other one tu hari Sabtu baru jumpa. Yang i geram tu..depa ni bukannya ada class lagi, hanya tinggal ABP aje. Unlike M, still ada class like us and every week ada presentation. If he managed to do his part, why can't them? Some people. Aya said something that i had thought last friday after i heard the story from Abg R..why not let him be in our group? It is unfair for him not graduating for the fault of others. He has done his part, they don't. Called M that nite with our proposal...i guess i rasa segan and serba salah sebab dia masuk our group when it's 95% done. For us, we don't mind. Just want to help a friend.

After the submission, headed back. Kat rumah tetiba rasa 'empty' and sedih. Maybe because these two weeks life been hectic and terkejar sana sini and ABP is the penghujung of 2 years of hardwork. No more rushing to classes to class after this, no more discussion, no more night meetings at uitm and no more suasana hingar bingar class...i am going to miss all that and my foremost, i am going to miss all my frens. Sedih la...

We are arranging a farewell dinner this saturday after the exam...even more rasa sedih.

All good things will come to the end and i hope our friendship will not.


lunacy said...

"All good things will come to the end .."

and more good things coming right up hehehe from now onwards you get to watch movies, go shopping, enjoy the sunshine, the rain drops, the sky and the moon. you get to taste good food, spend more time with the Al Mighty.. do volunteer works, prepare for Hari Raya, bayar hutang puasa (if any) and plan for holiday..and look out for mamat2 yg available huhu..cukup tak wtl? :)

cekya said...


start having fun dear gurl!

walkthrulife said...

more than enough..nak concentrate on 7th and last on the list..hihihi

and redmedia off course.

yes cekya..finally

chevy said...

huhuhu..aku dah mula bosan...baru ari pertama takdek kelas.....pas bangun tido pas tido makan...adei..camne nih...dulu terjerit2 seksa kene kejar ke kelas pagi2 ahad campur ngan assignment laa ni aku dah mule bengong....takleh jadik ni..aku malas nk kuar umah tgk cuaca cam gini...