Saturday, April 28, 2007

Something Missing..

Cekya, Awan, Cekmi, Azell and Julie - thanks for the lovely birthday treat. really enjoyed myself that nite.
Cekmi ~ thanks dear. appreciate the gift.

Today my office organized annual golf tournament..luckily this year buat kat KGSAAS. Just 10 min from home as compared to last year, had it atNilai. Me..playing golf? Not yet..i was one of the committee member. The weather was just nice..tak panas tapi turf lah soggy sikit sebab hujan.

Balik from the club, singgah TESCO. Ingat nak beli a few items tapi bila seeing the crowd at the counter, i changed my mind and headed home.

Basically i dah tak ada class, tinggal the viva this 4th...takutnya. Pray for me please. It's good to have my saturdays and sundays back. I got lots of plan at the back of my head but somehow, i feel there is something missing..i miss going to class (minus the exam and schoolworks) and miss my friends. Suddenly, i feel like i am lost and tonite feels so sad..especially bila tengah buat movie strip of my class. I miss them..i really do. Talked to Zam about this and she also felt the same. Wonder about the others...are they feeling the same? My guess..YES. I need to adapt to these changes.


sushi said...

memanglah rasa camtu kalau go thru thigns together and masa bersama tu dah takde lagi.. its sad.

cekmi said...

when things are no longer beyond our reach, we will appreciate them more and more. kata org, absence makes heart grow fonder. but dont get too lost for too long, bcoz u and ur friends might be lost forever :-)