Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Need to do something to make my job interesting .Damn…I am bored...sebab tak banyak kerja. I have to practically think of what to do next. Is this one of those days that u rasa u wanna scream your heart out? ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Called my dad before balik. He was at the hospital and when i asked him who was warded, he just replied..nothing to worry. I rasa sure my mom yg masuk hospital. True enough. My dad hantar to the emergency last night sebab she had difficulty breathing. He said now dah okay..dah boleh makan. I did ask him why tak beritahu. He said tak teruk sebab tu tak beritahu...alahai ayahku ini. Sabar jelah. I know he meant well, tak nak us to worry but i would prefer that he would tell tak kira teruk or tak. Doctor said boleh keluar in 1-2 days time. I am going back this weekend. Doakan my mom sihat okay..


Cekya said...

thinking what to do next? me too...cuma cekya terlalu byk benda, sampai dunno where to start. aduh!

wished i could follow u but had to settle so many stuff. insya-Allah myour mom will be ok in no time!

ligo said...

cekya, you list down things to do, then strike it off, once done..

yati, yes, good move there. balik lah jengok mak yang tak berapa sihat. kirim salam ye.. *hugs, hugs*

Op said...

moga2 dia cepat sihat juga ya

Anonymous said...

My DOA for ur mum's health...give her ur utmost love ja. U have to be strong for her - manggisboy

lunacy said...

am the late one to read this entry,
so how ur mom wtl, hope she's better already..

azell said...

how's ur mom, sis? hopefully everything is ok..