Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Everything that’s in it

Is it a good move? Environment and salary wise, no doubt it is. Work wise…it's not something that I am enjoying at the moment. My work is more to administration rather underwriting. Underwriting is only 10% as compared to admin work. I miss my previous job, it's the environment that I don't miss. I am trying to be patient but when I see one of my colleague is learning lots of new things from her superior…I can sense the envy feelings inside me. I have asked one of my superior to teach me things I need to know about treaty and nothing happened. I miss the major fact as I was typing this, he is doing all the works by himself. I am lucky to get the chance to do the 10% underwriting work..that is when if he is really bogged down with work or when he is on leave.

Today, I got the shocking news. My ex-boss tendered his resignation. I never thought that he would ever leave the company…I was wrong. It is said the offer was too good to decline. Good for him. I guess he was approached by whoever it was long time ago..before I resigned from the company. He hinted me once about him not going to be long and I replied by saying I would leave first. True enough. If he would ever ask me to join him, I for sure will consider. In fact, I did text him..winks, winks.

The other day, my dad passed out for a while at a pump station near Ayer Keroh (abt 20 minutes from house) and he called my mom to fetch him as he couldn't ride his bike home. My mom had to asked my neighbour's son to drive her there. It was during peak hour…lunch time. My mom was a bit late. No one offered to help out, luckily, one of neighbor happened to pass by to refuel his motorcycle. He called my mom and she him that she is on her way. When my mom reached the pump station, she saw my dad was in bad condition. He said he has been vomiting and had to stop few times and at the pump station he just too weak to move. He did want to go to the hospital and opt to go to clinic instead. The first clinic they want to go was closed. So, they went to another clinic. The doctor said that my dad has food poisoning. What really annoyed me is that no one help him while he was lying there. So much for "Caring Malaysian". To hell with that!!!!


lunacy said...

oh dear .. sorry to hear abt ur dad. is he ok now?

walkthrulife said...

he is now alhamdulillah.

ligo said...

alhamdullilah, your dad now recovering. memang gitu kadang yati, orang-orang ni too engross with their own life, tak nampak kesusahan orang lain, atau pikir "ah, orang lain lah, aku busy"

azell said...

ooh.. so glad to know ur dad is ok now.. that was really torturing to know our dad tak sihat kan.. really hope he is fine.