Monday, June 16, 2008

Had a bad day last Friday. Never thought that a friend that I have known for the past 23 years would lashed out her anger at me. She said that we (my 2 other friends and me) bitched about her and boycotted her and that we be her friend when it is a laughing matter but not when she is down. I was stumped and hurt with what she says and still is. How could she even said that..we helped her find a job when she kept on complaining about her job. She turned down the job offer as Legal Manager..that was what got us disappointed. Maybe we are a bit pushy but it doesn't mean we have bad intentions. We are happy if she is. My friend want to have a meet up this Wednesday and I don't think I want to turn up.

Sent my car for a wash and when it was all done, I noticed that my Hush Puppies shoes were not in the car. Went back to the carwash and asked them. As I had guessed..


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Tha friday was Friday the 13th. Bad things just happen, I guess. FYI, somebody.. some stupid idiot left a syringe in our letterbox. I believe needle was still there. On that Friday. Bad luck huh!