Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Doing it all again....

i got know that the landlord is selling the house on the 2nd week i moved in when the malay couple came to visit. I was told back then the new owner intended to treat it as an investment. It gave me a big relief as my contract expires in November. Today after 4 months, i was told the opposite and what me even furious knowing that they want to move out immediately. The landlord agreed to pay them 2 months rental out of her pocket, giving me the 2 months notice to look up for a new place.

it kinda hit me hard thinking about all the things that i need to do..the packing and unpacking, relocating Astro, the phone and internet line to the new place, not to mention finding a place and transportation...doing it all by myself. I still feel the tiredness from the last moving. That was when i cried and thought how i wish i have someone in my life i can depend on.

maybe i am tired of being alone after all....

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Amadeus said...

'Hope your move went or is going well ... you haven't posted here since April.

Sometimes things happen for a reason and for the better.

Wishing you energy and happiness.