Thursday, February 22, 2007

Things in life

I got tagged by it goes.

5 things i would do if i were a millionaire
  • Perform haj together my parents & siblings
  • Build one yayasan for my families..paid for their educations, medical expenses and charity
  • Start a business..event planner (Redmedia Event Management..sounds cool), bookstore or art and craft
  • Travel to places i long to visit..New Zealand, Holland (tulipss..just love them), Oman, Tunis etc etc
  • Build house..for my parents and for me. A nice house facing a lake..with gazebo and ada kebun buah-buahan
5 bad habits
  • Procrastination...bila last minit baru kelam kabut. Study pun mcm tu last minit baru nak revised...baca awal2 tak masuk dlm otak.
  • glued in front of my notebook for hours..sometimes skip makan
  • tidur lambat...tak boleh tidur selagi tak pukul 12am. dah terbiasa since uni days. so not good.
  • Put myself second. selalu put others' feeling first, then only diri sendiri...
  • Tak buat exercise...lama dah tak exercise. kena start balik ni. Fight the kemalasan.
5 things i hate doing
  • REPORT!!! & MORE REPORT!!! in excel form pulak tu. boleh menaikkan marah
  • Basuh baju...washing machine rosak, kena handwash. bercinta betul.
  • marah...tak suka nak marah and futhermore tak reti nak get back to people. selalu missed the boat...oh!! i should have said this or that.
  • Iron baju..especially my silk baju kurungs. I will take an hour to iron my silk baju kurung and it explains why i jarang wear it.
  • Naik lrt yang very crowded like dlm tin sardin pagi-pagi coupled with rude people and the waiting time for the bus at kat lrt bangsar untuk pergi office...urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. talking about efficiency and services.
5 things i never do
  • watch horror movie...
  • bungee jumping and anything to do with height.
  • suck up to my boss for promotion
  • smoke, clubbing, alcohol, gambling and yang seangkatan dgnnya
  • guna toilet and letak tissue banyak2 sampai penuh dalam toilet bowl that buat toilet bowl tu tersumbat. This happened okay..byk kali kat office. Dah letak notice pun still jadi lagi. pissed me off betul. nak tahu juga siapa the culprit yang tak ada toilet etiquette.
5 things i regret doing

  • something sinful juga...moga Allah mengampunkan segala dosa2ku. Biarlah rahsia.
  • for not giving the very best when i know i could have done better.
  • Dengar cakap orang onPelan dan Dongakan before masuk the exam hall. cost me my Modern Math result...patut ikut apa yang i faham. SIGH!!
  • Kecilkan hati my parents...
  • tak belajar betul2 masa my first year in uni...affected my CGPA. Had to work extra hard the remaining years. Learnt my lesson after that.
5 fave toys/things
  • my laptop...need it everyday.
  • my cat..Baby. miss her
  • my books....esp Kay Hooper's
  • bracelets given by my mom and dad

5 person tag
  • biahnce
  • azell
  • kurekuresakti
  • nana
  • nobody

Note: really thot that today is Friday and esok cuti. Sigh!!


cekmi said...

i would never watch horror movies too *gimme five*

lunacy said...

dulu ada satu staff tu suka tau sumbat tissue banyak2 kat toilet. gilerr kan? we all call her "pompan toilet".

walkthrulife said...

cool cekmi..i selalu being teased by my cousins sebab takut tgk horror movie.

mmg geramlah lun...if only we tahu siapa. lepas tampal notice kat each lavatory pun she buat lagi. kesian the cleaner