Wednesday, September 12, 2007

8 Random Facts

I have been tagged by Blalang. Ingatkan adegan tagged meng'tagged' dah tak ada lagi. Here goes..first kena post the rules..


1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've tagged, and to read ur blog.

Random fact no. 1

Green tea. I like green tea..suka banget. Tak tahu kenapa begitu suka dengan green tea. I am liking it a lot. Anything with associated dgn green tea definitely akan dapat my attention. Antara things yang pernah i have or once have or even tried are ice-cream, ice-blended, body lotion, body soap, canned or bottled drinks, boh ice green tea, toothpaste, perfume and off course the tea itself. Am i crazy or what!! Talking about ice-cream, hari tu ternampak green tea ice-cream kat Giant. Akan beli for sure.

Random fact no. 2

Books...bila ditanya apa my favourite pastime, i akan jawab reading. Some were smart enough to make a remark "you are such a boring person." How boring can it be...books bring you the a journey yang berbeza. Each book have a story to tell..samada menarik atau tidak. That's explain why the survey kata malaysian read less than 5 books a year. how sad. I love reading since i was small...still loving it. I still have the first book i bought and now with my 9 years old nephew. Ingat i baca buku tu kat my late grandma's house. I will to buy at least 2 books a month..tu yang rak buku dah melimpah ruah and i am one of the Malaysian Bookcrosser...

Random fact no. 3

Talkative. I like to think i am that kind of a good way (hopefully others pun fikir macam tu). Nak kata terover peramah tu taklah kot but i rasa i have no problem bercakap dengan orang i baru kenal. Lebih-lebih lagi if orang tu pun sama talkative.

Random fact no. 4

Music. Suka dengar lagu..sekarang ni mostly lagu indonesia. Malaysian artist boleh dikira dgn jarilah kot yg i suka. It's not that they are not good but indonesian are more better. hahahaha. I can listen to almost everything but taklah rap, heavy metal, remix and perhaps hiphop. not in the trend ke? Well setiap orang ada their own liking kan. Suka juga dengar Richard Clayderman..very calming and also not forgeting gamelan..suka,suka and suka (jgn tak caya, i ada cd gamelan). Talking about fav. song of alltime is "More Than Words" by Extreme. Mungkin kerana the lyrics as well as the music...for me jika selalu mengungkap kata cinta akan membuatkan ia kurang bermakna if compared when it is said when you least expected it..shweet. Itu apa yg i rasa, org lain mungkin sebaliknya.

Random fact no. 5
Silence Treatment. I tak suka nak argue dengan orang...sebab i tak reti how to balas balik apa yang they said. Later baru kata to myself, i should said this or that. Most of the time i akan diam..especially bila i marah. Lagipun mungkin malas nak prolong all these buat sakit kepala aje. I think this make people take advantage of me sebab depa tu ingat i macam tak kisah dgn apa yg they buat or said. i will try to avoid any argument if possible but i can be very sarcastic at times..but very rare occasion. I was once a hot tempered person...believe me. Masa sekolah2 friends will not talk to me if i marah. Nanti tak pasal-pasal, dia orang yang kena marah. That was i am not that person..tend to take things much easy.

Random fact no. 6

Procrastinate. Very bad habit. I tend to do this sometimes. Quite often than not. Especially during study..somehow my brain ni if study awal-awal masuk tak masuk dalam otak apa yang dibaca. Bila last minute tu okay ajer penerimaan otak. Lepas tu mulalah regret..i can do even better if only i revise much earlier. Itu perkara biasalah kan.

Random fact no. 7

Poetry. One of the earliest poem yg ingat i belajar is "The Story of Augustus who not have any Soup". seingat i either masa std 5. Kena baca kat depan class.. "Augustus was a chubby lad; Fat ruddy cheeks Augustus had; bla bla bla.. "O take the nasty soup away! I won't have any soup to-day: I will not, will not eat my soup! I will not eat it, no!" dgn gaya-gaya sekali. Tersenyum sorang bila ingatkan. Then, years later Kak Sunida (wonder where is she at the moment..) wrote a poem in my book that i cherish until now. It somehow develop my love towards poetry once again. Suka poetry but tak pandai sangat nak tulis.. My fav. poetry.. 'IF' by Rudyard Kipling.

Random fact no. 8

Horror Movies. Tak suka tengok horror movie sebab it will haunt me for days. Also movies yang ada violences and suspence elements...boleh pecah dada. because of this, i always being teased by my cousins. Setiap kali i went to their place masa tu lah nak tengok horror movie. adusss. apa lagi sorok muka belakang bantal. I suka tengok investigation series macam CSI, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Bones etc etc.. Teringat pulak cerita TJ Hooker..masa tu gila tengok Adrian Zmed. Can still remember his name.

Ini sahaja yang dapat dicoretkan i have to list 8 names pulak. And the awards go to..

1. Cekya

2. Ligo
3. Lun
4. Awan
5. I_mshe
6. Azell
7. Cekmi
8. Jimi


she-blocks said...


I_mshe said...

notti girl. i think u forgot one thing about yourself umm salah 2 things. u r always refreshing and creative. I think u R TALKATIVE!

azeel said...

thanks for dropping by to my blog..
rasanya dulu selalu aku ke sini, kira-kira 2 tahun lepas. at that time, something happened to you i guess, that u slowed down writing.. pastu aku tak lagi menjenguk.

all the best for you..

blalang lalang said...

wow..suka tengok CSI....sama ler!! suka greentea gak..cuma suka taruk kat rambut je sebagai syampu!!hahaa

walkthrulife said...

Cekya - thanks kerana menyahut cabaran.

i_mshe - jgn marah.. :) Bab refreshing tak tahu lah. U r a bz lady now..apapun do take care dearie.

azeel - welcome back ..guess life pretty haywire back then.

blalang - bestkan CSI tu.the new season mcm lagi best. Green tea syampoo..awesome!!

awan said...

puasa la. tak larat nk fikir. zzzz....

zuril said...

ada bbrp perkara yang kita sama la, sis. hehe.. procrastinate, music, silent treatment, books. selamat menjalani ibadah puasa - Insya Allah sampai ke akhirnya. =)

take care!

she-blocks said...

awan malas!

walkthrulife said...

bulan2 puasa ni kan..